TechFly – Version History

TechFly V1.0

  • TechFly launched on domain.
  • Users submit article through word document.

TechFly V1.1

  • Disqus comments system integrated.
  • Team Page added.
  • Archives added.
  • 4 new recruits.
  • Bug fixes.

TechFly V1.2

  • Social media links added to site.
  • Google Ads integrated.

TechFly V2.0

  • Design change. (Darker colours)
  • 1 new recruit.
  • Logo change, ‘fly’ removed from logo.

TechFly V2.1

  • WOW Slider added to homepage.
  • Bug fixes.

TechFly V3.0

  • Design change. (Lighter colours)
  • WOW Slider removed.
  • Fully integrated team page.
  • Cleaner look.
  • Drop down boxes/toggle boxes.

TechFly V3.1

  • Logo change, ‘T’ and ‘F’ darkened blue.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Author names and dates added to published articles.

TechFly V4.0

  • Upgraded to WordPress, automated online-based publishing software.
  • Cleaner layout.
  • Darker coloured background.
  • “Daily Tech News” slogan removed from logo.

TechFly V4.1

  • Bug fixes.
  • Search box added.
  • Disqus comments system re-integrated.

TechFly V4.2

  • Comments disabled due to spam.
  • Menu changed styles.
  • Team page added.
  • About page added.
  • Authors removed from TechFly due to in-consistent content.

TechFly V5.0

  • Line-Manager hired.
  • Top-Five category added.
  • Design change.
  • Social widgets on sidebar.
  • TechFly Advertising Introduced.

TechFly V5.1

  • Disqus comments system re-instated.
  • Samsung, Google and Apple categories added.

TechFly V6.0

  • Video Reviews category added.
  • “Daily Tech News” slogan re-instated.
  • Sam Harwin, social co-coordinator joins TechFly.

TechFly V6.1

  • Articles consistently being produced.
  • TechFly iOS App Plans produced.
  • TechFly iOS App Closed Alpha released.
  • Internal messaging system integrated.
  • 404 Page Customised.
  • Custom plugins / formatting tools integrated.

TechFly V7.0

  • “Daily Tech News” slogan replaced with “Weekly Tech News”
  • Article production consistency decreases due to loss of writers.
  • Kai Rood publishes one-off article on ‘Intel’s New Processors’
  • Thoughts of taking the site offline rumoured.
  • TechFly listed on eBay UK.
  • TechFly Offline for one month.
  • One year anniversary – rebirth of TechFly
  • Newsletter system removed.

TechFly V7.1

  • Colours in logo inverted. (White text, blue backdrop)
  • Flatter look.
  • Article grid on homepage.
  • 2 Authors.
  • About Page updated.
  • Reaches top of Google search.
  • “Breaking News” scroller added to homepage.
  • BPS Security Package Integrated following potential DDoS threats.
  • Yoast SEO System Purchased and Integrated.
  • Poll to gain insight on who values TechFly.

TechFly V8.0

  • TechFly builds link with Vodafone UK.
  • Increase in publicised articles.
  • TechFly’s audience increases.
  • Twitter account re-instated.
  • Email servers launched.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Video Reviews category removed entirely.

TechFly V8.1

  • White ‘box’ glitch fix.
  • About Page updated.
  • Privacy Policy added.
  • TechFly Advertising fully launched to public.
  • All writers removed from site.
  • Steady consistency in article production.

TechFly V8.2

  • Bug fixes.
  • Advertisements added widely across site.
  • New background colours tested.
  • Stretched layout changed to boxed.
  • Homepage title removed, cleaner homepage.
  • Favicon Updated from old logo.
  • TechFly builds link with TP-LINK.
  • TechFly is fully registered copyright.
  • Careers page added.
  • Support page updated.
  • Apply page removed.
  • About page updated.
  • Privacy Policy page removed from menu.

TechFly V8.3

  • Careers page updated with pitch information and guidelines.
  • Footer updated.
  • Logo change (Dominic McLaughlin /
  • Thinned logo font.
  • New slogan “Technology, revised.” added to logo.
  • Slogan integrated central to logo.
  • TechFly Blue darkened.
  • Privacy Policy re-instated on secondary menu.
  • Menu order updated.
  • Contact Page updated with new emails.
  • TechFly email system re-boot.
  • TechFly invests in secondary backup and email server.
  • About Page updated with yearly unique view statistic.
  • Gaming News featurette added to homepage.
  • Top Five featurette added to homepage.
  • Google Ads redesigned and re-instated.
  • Up-to-top button colour change and integration.
  • Text dividers added to formatting tools.
  • Dominic McLaughlin joins TechFly. (TechFly now consists of just 2 members.)
  • Global category added.
  • Favicon updated.
  • Social network logos updated.
  • Bug fixes.
  • TechFly blue widely re-instated across site.
  • Homepage shadow added.
  • Mobile version completed.
  • Fully responsive design completed.
  • Mobile features added.
  • Article consistency increases.
  • Social media used regularly for audience widening.
  • Privacy Policy linked from footer.
  • Privacy Policy removed from secondary menu.
  • TechFly Advertising logo colour change.
  • “Breaking” News Ticker changed to “Latest”.
  • Updated databases.
  • TechFly UK is DMCA Copyright Protected.
  • Apps category added.
  • TechFly : Live introduced
  • TechFly Advertising page refurbished.

TechFly V9.0

  • New font on main pages.
  • New menu designs.
  • Server change.
  • ‘Apps’ category removed from menu.
  • Article consistency is daily.
  • Building links with new developers and companies.
  • House styles updated.
  • TechFly UK on LinkedIn.
  • TechFly turns profitable.
  • Doubled the amount of views from last year in this year’s first quarter.
  • ‘Opinion’ category added.
  • Design is responsive on all devices.

TechFly V9.1

  • TechFly Live cancelled.
  • TechFly Update cancelled.
  • Shares to Instagram.
  • Builds links with Logitech, Dell and Amazon UK.
  • TechFly Video Hub opens.
  • New gradient instated site-wide.

TechFly V9.2 (Current)

  • Science category added
  • Updated SEO system
  • Video Hub closes due to lack of funding
  • Instagram deactivated to due inability to link
  • Daily content resumes from January 1st 2016
  • Security systems optimised and strengthened