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Since the beginning, we’ve always been about providing content you want to see, embedding content into a user-friendly site and not bombarding you with things you really don’t want to be looking at. We are determined to provide and push our ethos to the limit. We don’t set boundaries and we will never blitz you with content that has been endorsed or become centric around one area of technology.


Many sites use cookies to send out intruding emails and offers. This goes against our ethos, we track a low amount of data and make use of only a handful of cookies. We like to see how many people visit the website, so we track how often you come onto the site, what pages you look at and how long you stay on the site for. Not only do we do this to help develop, but we do it to offer content that you are looking for – this is what helps us become dynamic, providing a better reading experience for everybody.


Expanding on our ethos is TechFly’s design. We generally frown upon sites changing their design every few months. That’s why we’re extremely proud to say we really like our design, and so do our audience. It’s user-friendly and easy to navigate around. We have no plan on making a full design change in terms of site looks. However, from time to time you may see us tweak slight things. In 2015 we changed our logo background to a gradient instead of a solid colour as part of our THE FUTURE series, and we kept this design and made it our house style. If you have a tip for us why not submit it to our Contact Page?


Since 2015 we’ve operated in the form of video, as well as offering our text alternative. You will find most of our reviews are in a video format, while we tend to keep our daily technology news in text. We find video is an almost guaranteed type of promotion, it helps widen our audience and gives us the ability to connect and engage with more people. We aim to produce two review videos per month. Alongside video, the TechFly team attends a number conferences and events to help broaden the TechFly name. Not only that, but we also produce live coverage for events so you don’t have to be there to find out what’s going on. We work with some of the biggest names in the technology industry to bring you the content you want to see. We are partners with the likes of Dell, LG, Vodafone, GAME, TP-LINK, Mobile Solar Chargers and a load more!


The TechFly editorial team are consistent and work daily to make sure you are able to get your update on technology every single day. Our development team work around the clock to iron out performance issues, bugs and errors – they work in the background but they’re the reason you are able to read what you are reading now. We operate as a family and work closely to churn out content daily without editorial conflict. We are not currently hiring members of staff, but be sure to look out in the future for positions!

Charlie James Tennant
Charlie Tennant was born and raised in the Midlands, UK. He founded TechFly in August 2013 with small hopes on its future. When he is not running TechFly he enjoys playing piano, tinkering with code and taking photos.
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Dominic Joseph McLaughlin
Head Developer
Dom has been part of the TechFly team since the beginning. He is always ironing out the bugs and working to bring you the best viewing experience. When he's not, he likes photography, gaming and drinking tea.
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Kieran Gray
Executive Editor
Kieran Gray joined the TechFly editorial team in August 2015 following the success of Insomnia 55 - Kieran is regularly on hand at technology events as well as covering the latest tech releases.
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Alex Tempest
Senior Editor
Alex joined TechFly after being a tremendous help at Insomnia 55 Gaming Festival. Not only does he help with technical assistance, such as helping with setting up video equipment, but he also helps to bring the latest gaming news to TechFly.
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Ryan Tibbitts
Ryan joined TechFly in August 2015 to help bring more gaming news to the TechFly audience. He loves gaming and sharing his views online. Ryan will also be helping to bring live coverage at events such as Insomnia Gaming Festival and EGX.
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Callum Jones
Callum Jones re-joined the TechFly team in early 2016 to see the redevelopment of the Entertainment section of TechFly whereby extensive coverage on music, movies and gaming will be covered in-depth. Callum has an interest in new releases.
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Ethan Shea
Ethan Shea joined the team to help see the redevelopment of the Entertainment section of TechFly. A strong gamer, Ethan takes to testing out the latest games and thoroughly getting hands on; whilst being a regular new film release viewer too.
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Kade William Beadman
Technical Assistant
Kade helps TechFly behind-the-scenes, on location and behind the camera. In his spare time he likes talking about politics, travelling and drinking tea without milk. You may see Kade in the future help produce our review videos.
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