Urbanista Seattle Headphones : Full Review
  • Comfortable foam muffs
  • Noise cancelling
  • Minimal design - very modern
  • Volume doesn't go as loud as competitor headphones
  • Still bulky even when folded
  • No carry pouch
86%Overall Score

Urbanista is an audio company established in 2010 with an aim to glorify the urban lifestyle and create products that make life better for modern people in urban environments. The Seattle is the latest incarnation of their ethos.

New kids on the block, Urbanista has been trying to make for themselves with cheap and high quality cans. Their most expensive pair comes in at a mere £100, with most of their audio products aimed at the typical consumer who wants something affordable and effective. Carrying on their trend of naming headphones after famous American cities, the Urbanista Seattle is the company’s latest example of this, coming in at £49.99.



The Seattle is a good looking pair of headphones. It boasts a minimalist, single-colour scheme, on-ear muffs and a simple, foldable construction. A lot has to be said for a simplistic design, which is very much in fashion in this modern climate.

The Seattle’s ear muffs are well cushioned and actually repose on the ear, rather than around it, which, after several hours of non-stop wearing, can start to get a bit uncomfortable, despite the memory foam padding.

For casual use, the memory foam keeps your ears snug and comfortable, while also helping to prevent background sound leakage to a surprising degree.

They’re also fully adjustable and foldable, with a solid metal fitting that feels sturdy and strong. If you’re a DJ who likes to fold back an earpiece while mixing tracks, these should work pretty well; although they don’t quite fold to a compact size unlike competitor products.


On the cans themselves, you’ll find two audio jacks which can be used either for input or output. This gives you the ability to daisy-chain headphones from a single device, which is very convenient if you’re with friends and want to listen together. Equally, it also means that you can listen to them with the cable in either side, which is helpful for cable management.


Talking of the cable, the fact it’s removable also means that it’s easily replaceable should it break, which removes a common point of failure and is another big selling point for the Seattle headphones.

The only non-simple aspect of the Seattle are the name choices for the colours. Pictured is the black “Dark Clown” colour scheme, but there is also a blue (Petroleum Blue) a white (Fluffy Cloud) and a white/pink combo (Rose Gold) to choose from.


Moving onto sound quality, which we’d sum up as very smooth. While they’re not the most exciting cans in the world, things are detailed and flat, with no unnecessary bumps in the frequency range. The treble never feels harsh and the bass has just enough power to enlighten the bottom end without becoming over-pronounced and boomy. The mid-range is clearly defined, which would help to make these a solid pair of cans for DJ-ing. The attack could perhaps be a bit tighter but at the same time, this would have an undesirable effect of making them harsh when listening for long periods. The stereo soundstage is also a little smaller than some other cans in the same price range but again, it’s by no means bad by any stretch.

As they stand, these make a great pair of lounge headphones with which to zone out to without feeling ear strain and fatigue.

Costing £49.00, the sound quality of the Seattle matches the price.

With a nice feeling material, good sound, memory foam cushions and the plug-and-share port, the Seattle is worth the £49.99 price tag. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of them, and like to have them on hand, whether it is to listen to music, load up a YouTube video, or use them for phone calls.

I’m a huge fan of the minimal design, comfort, and day-to-day use of the Seattle.

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