Gaming has had its ups and downs over the past few decades but it is not without classics. Here are 5 games that are so good that they are a must-play for any gamer.



Genre: RPG

Release date: 2015

This 2015 game is without a doubt the best title Fromsoftware has released. It is set in a hauntingly beautiful Victorian London style world. The story centers around a form of blood being discovered that can cure any disease, but soon it is found to be turning those that have it transfused, into horrible, ravenous beasts. You as a hunter are tasked with destroying the beasts and halting the spread of the blood. The world is vast and intricate with many hidden areas that could potentially contain unique and rare items and a story with many twists and because of the multiple endings and play styles it prompts you to play it more than once.


Shadow of the Colossus

Genre: Action/Adventure

Release date: 2005

This game was released in 2005 for the Playstation 2 and as old is this may be the game is nothing short of a classic. In this game it is just you and a cast of 16 unique and memorable Colossi, each with their own way of being brought down. You play as the hero Wander who makes a deal with a demon to go and kill the 16 Colossi so that the demon will release his loved one from a deep sleep. Each Colossi makes you feel like an insect when going into a fight because they are huge and defeating them is one big puzzle which involves climbing over them and find the weak spots, sounds simple enough. But the Colossi will do anything to best you such as shaking like crazy when you attempt to climb on them. Each Colossi has its own unique area and way of being defeated and defeating them makes you feel like a god. For example the 10th Colossus, Dirge is a giant snake that can burrow into the sand and to defeat him you must shoot his eyes with your bow whenever he comes up to the surface, then climb on his belly and stab him. The map while beautiful is empty and the only companion you have a is a horse, but the area is called “The Fobidden Lands” so the isolation adds to the feeling of this world is destroyed and forsaken.


The Last Of Us

Genre: Survival Horror

Release date: 2013

Because this is one of the highest rated games of all time it makes it an absolute must-play. The Last of Us centers around Joel and Ellie who are 2 survivors in an apocalypse caused by an infection. When the infection fisrt breaks out Joels daughter is killed it makes him distraught, he is then tasked with the protection of Ellie, who he later finds is infected but because she hasnt turned she could be the key to a cure. As the game goes on their relationship develops to the point Joel wants to protect Ellie, not because he is told to. It gets to the point where Joel begins to treat Ellie as his long gone daughter, as Ellie is 14 and he treats like she is 9 which was how old his daughter was when she died. It features some of the best survival gameplay and possibly one of the best stories in a video game, making it a must-play.


Portal 2

Genre: Puzzle

Release date: 2011

Portal 2 is one of the best puzzle games of all time. As the sequel to Portal you play as Chell and you must find a way out of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, by completing tests set by Glados, the AI that runs the facility. Each test is very fun to solve and the gameplay is satisfying, the test become increasingly harder as you progress through the gzme so more thinking is need in the later stages. Your first companion is Wheatley, an AI that helps you defeat Glados, until he betrays you and takes over the faciltiy. Then you must allign with Glados to overthrow wheatley and escape.



Genre: First Person Shooter/Survival

Release date: 2008

Bioshock is fantastic, it features entertaining gameplay and a gripping story and a beautiful yet chaotic map with possibly one of the greatest twists in a video game. I say beautiful yet cahotic because the city Rapture is huge and underwater and it looks beautiful. The people that inhabit it have gone crazy, making it chaotic. You play as Jack who is involved in a plane crash over the ocean. Amid the wreckage he finds the door to Rapture, an underwater city founded by explorer Andrew Ryan who just happens to be the game’s antagonist. The door contains a lift which takes Jack down to Rapture but when he arrives, it is on the brink of destruction as the inhabitants are on a murrderous rampage and the whole city is falling apart. The only ally you have is an Irish man called Atlas who guides you through the city while you are trying to escape and he is also the man that aks the famous question “would you kindly?”. You are also being hunted by splicers, little sisters the very scary Big Daddies, they are terrifying mechs with drills on theior arm that protect the little sisters and they have no trouble devourouring people. You also gain the ability to electrify things with the “Electrobolt” so you can open doors or stun enemies or activate traps. Bioshock is nothing short of a classic.


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