mankindStealth combat, a gripping story set in a dystopian futuristic world with huge twists and turns, all in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


Mankind Divided is the sequel to Human Revolution (2011) and is set in 2029, two years after the first game, the world is in a conflict between the Augs and the Naturals. The Augs are people with robotic limbs and the naturals are people that have no robotics in them. A terroist group has come to light, attacking major targets all over the world and Aug Adam Jenssen is sent to investigate them. The beginning of the game puts you in a worn down version of Dubai in the middle off a sandstorm and it is towards the end of this mission you meet the mysterious terroists. They all where gold masks and are Augs, for the most part of the game they are hidden and you spend lots of time investigating and uncovering them.

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The world of Mankind Divided is very dystopian and it is done brilliantly, the player can feel a real sense of hatred between Augs and Naturals from the way that normal civillians are treated to the police hurling insults at you such as “clank”. Especially in one area which is Golem city, it had gotten so bad that Augs were relegated to vertical slums and when you visit them in the game you will get a feel for the dark and harsh atmosphere the game create



Mankind Divided offers a wide range of satisfying gameplay. To begin with, it has a high framerate of 30fps on consoles and 60fps on PC and it is 1080p, with this in mind the in game graphics are fantastic and every area is brilliantly designed down to every little detail.

Missions wise the game is slightly free roam as when you arrive in Praha and you get your flat you have the chance to acess a large number of side missions such as locating people or uncovering conspiracies all while progressing through the main story. You also have access to a train service which you can use whenever you like. The main story itself is one big conspiracy which is to figure out who is really behind all the bombings and who are the terroists in the gold masks. I won’t talk much about the story because there are a lot of spoilers.

In terms of combat, from the go you are given the choice of stealth or direct combat where the game provides you with a choice of a revolver or stun gun. Being stealthy and going in direct both have varying degrees of difficulty. Being stealthy can keep you alive a alot longer as you take little damage as you are hidden and it is very satisfying crawling through vents whilest remaining undetected, however the only problem is that it is very hard to be completely stealthy and remain undetected and you can’t always stealth attack because this takes energy.

Going in direct can be fun especially since combat is fast paced and the noises from the guns is excellent, there are a few problems, firstly being health, even with all health and shield upgrades bought combat was still a nightmare and this was on the lowest difficutly and secondly, ammunition is scarce and there are very few places that you can buy ammunition. You will normaly run out of it quite quickly meaning stealth is your only option.

One final complaint about the game is that there are a lot of deadspots where the game can become boring and the fact that cutscenes are very long meaning you will skip them a lot makes this a hastle, but I only say this because I like faster paced games and I’m not yet used to the slower style of Deus Ex. Also the main campaign is extremely short only taking between 6-8 hours to complete and the game mode breach which involves solving puzzles with a hacking theme offers very little entertainment value.

These faults are only minor and take away only a very tiny amount off the overall experience. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a great game and has become the number selling game in the UK so far this year it has a fantastic story and excellent gameplay and I would recommend it to anyone that likes 1st person shooter games set in the future.

I would give this game a 8/10

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