As Pokémon suddenly becomes mainstream again, there have been increased cases of young and old age users sustaining injuries.

It feels like Pokémon has taken over the world again recently with the release of augmented reality app ‘Pokémon Go’, recently reported to have surpassed 75 million downloads worldwide, which thinking about it is a pretty big number seeing as the UK has an estimated population of 65.1 million.

However, all facts and figures aside, the application has been linked to a number of crimes such as users being targeted in the street for reasons ranging from vocal abuse to theft. pokemon user

There have also been report of users being hit by cars due to the game “sucking you in”, so I thought I would put this to the test.

As soon as I started to run the app, I noticed the developer Niantic had the message “Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings.” on the loading screen. Once I got to grips with the game I took to the streets and park to see what Pokémon I could find.

As soon as I started to use it down at my local park I noticed myself getting heavily immersed in the game, loosing awareness of my surroundings as I frantically travelled from Pokéstop to Pokéstop. I began to realise just how easily it would be to accidentally walk into a road and get hit by a car.

Whilst not experiencing any verbal abuse while out on numerous occasions, I did get someone shout “Pikachu” out of a car window, how they knew I was playing Pokémon Go is beyond me as I was just walking down the street on my phone, I could have been texting for all they know.

However, you could argue that the amount of incidents is significantly lower than the amount of players. Also there have been many positive outcomes from the app ranging from people going out the house that don’t usually get out a lot to people making new friends.

Overall, I would say the app has had a more positive effect on the community than negative and if you haven’t tried out the app already, I would highly recommend it, because even though it is highly addictive and wastes a lot of your device’s battery/data, it is extremely fun and as previously mentioned, gets you out of the house.

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