Apple announced their latest operating system for Apple TV at WWDC 2016.

Apple have announced an update which packs lots of small features to be added to tvOS. From new features for Siri, to the new Apple TV Remote App.

You’re now able to use Siri to search YouTube, to search more complex queries, and to control your HomeKit-compatible appliances. You can use phrases such as: “Set the thermostat to 72”, and you’ll feel your home changing temperature right from your sofa.

Like sitting in the living room with no lights on because you’re “settling down”? Turn on Dark Mode, just like you see on OS X 10.11 El Capitan today.


Dark Mode in tvOS 10.

Apple also released a new app to replace the current Remote app – allowing you to search using Siri and the keyboard. They also released Single Sign-on, allowing you to sign in once to authenticate all apps, and any Apple TV-compatible app you download on iOS will automatically show up on your Apple TV, which we hope is optional.

Apple have also brought their Photos app that is found in OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 to the TV. However, Memories, which is found in Photos in iOS 10, is also found in Photos in tvOS 10. Memories is designed to build digital albums for you automatically. It will recognize faces and places, and combine this data with the time and location where images and videos were taken to combine them intelligently into themed groupings – even selecting the best bits of video clips to use.

Like Photos, Apple Music has had a revamp in tvOS. This means you can enjoy the cleaner, simpler new look of Apple Music in tvOS. In tvOS, Apple have blocked compatibility for Apple TV games to be played with the Siri Remote. This shows that they’re focusing on MFi game controllers.

I guess I’m not that bothered about this release, as I don’t use Apple TV, but it is definitely a good release for those with smart homes who like everything done in style.

tvOS 10 will be available in autumn to the public.

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