The Prisma app for Android smartphones is finally on Play Store, after making waves on iOS with its photo filter capabilities.

Some social networks like Instagram allow users to apply filters from within their app and then share it on other social media networks. There are many standalone filter apps as well, which are very popular with users. Going a step further than just filters is Prisma, an app which has smitten millions of smartphone users in a very short time. Launched in June, it was initially available only on iOS devices, and has been downloaded over 10 million times already. Prisma Labs has finally released the final app for Android smartphones, on the Google Play Store.

While searching for Prisma, users are likely to come across several other apps called Prisma. A majority of these are fakes or cheap spin-offs meant to lure unsuspecting users into downloading them. The original Prisma app has a circular white icon with a triangle in the centre and it is developed and published by Prisma Labs.

Prisma is a free-to-download app with no in-app advertisements. While you can browse through the filters, you need an active internet connection to apply them.

Clean interface and easy to use

The app’s layout is similar to the iOS version. The upper half of the home page is occupied by the phone’s camera while the lower half has the touch screen controls for selfie, shutter, settings and photo gallery. There is also an in-built camera which allows users to click a picture and apply a filter from the app itself. Once a shot is clicked or a photo is selected from the gallery, you can crop or change its orientation. The next page shows around 30 unique filters based on themes from popular culture. It includes works of famous painters such as Pablo Picasso or Francis Picabia and famous painting styles such as Gothic art. It even has a filter on Heisenberg, a character from popular TV series Breaking Bad.

How does it works?

What makes Prisma different from other apps are not the filters it offers, but the way it applies these filters. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to understand the contents of an image, and then convert an otherwise ordinary photo into a beautiful work of art. This is one of the reasons it takes a little more time than the usual photo filters to get the job done. Interestingly, it allows users to increase or decrease the level of animation in a filtered photo by swiping left to right on the screen.

There are no in-advertisements or in-app purchases which makes using it really smooth. You can share an image on other social network sites like Facebook, Twitter or messenger apps WhatsApp from the Prisma app itself.

Is it worth downloading?

Despite the existence of numerous photo filter apps, Prisma is actually something unique. While we have seen quality photo filter apps such as Waterlogue on iOS, there aren’t many consistently reliable options on Android. The flexibility, zero cost and the ease of using it makes Prisma one of the best photo filter apps for Android users.

Click here to download the app.

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