Apple announced their latest operating system at WWDC 2016.

Apple announced the release of their latest version of their operating system, but decided to change the name of it to match their other operating systems for other devices.


Apple’s name change of its operating system.

Apple decided to go from OS X to macOS to fit in with iOS, watchOS and tvOS.

But what has changed this year?

Well, first of all, Apple finally implemented their virtual assistant to the Mac. Using Siri on the Mac makes it so much easier to complete tasks while you’re working. For example, while writing that email, you can use a preferred keyboard shortcut to engage with Siri to send messages, interact with emails, and to make a phone call (if used with an iPhone). Siri can also find out information, such as what the weather is like in a certain area, what movies are playing in your local cinema, and to find pictures of your favourite animal, just like the assistant can on your iPhone. You can also control your Mac using Siri – and no, I don’t mean by saying: “Hey Siri, move the mouse cursor to the bottom-left of the screen.” I mean by asking Siri to turn the Wi-Fi on, or turn the brightness down, or ask it to search for that presentation you were working on last Monday. Just like on iPhone, you can ask it what it can do, and it will show you.

There are so many more features too – do you have an Apple Watch? Unlock your Mac with Auto Unlock. Want to copy something on your phone and paste it on your Mac? You can do that too with Universal Clipboard. Fancy paying for that dress or suit quicker? Apple Pay for the web is the answer. Just confirm it using your iPhone with Touch ID or with your Apple Watch. Do you have a partition that’s full, and a partition that’s virtually empty? Apple’s new filing system (APFS) allows you to share your space with the free space you have, including the ability to optimize your storage too. Speaking of storage, you know that cloud-sharing service that Apple offers – iCloud Drive, is it? Your desktop of your MacBook Air will be exactly the same on your iMac. Remember Picture-in-Picture announced for the iPad in iOS 9? That feature’s coming straight to macOS Sierra.

So yeah, in short, that’s macOS Sierra. Apple decided to go down the mainly-small-yet-needed route in terms of their features. Again, I expected more WOW features.

macOS Sierra will be available for the following devices in autumn to the public: MacBook Pro (2010 and later), MacBook Air (2010 and later), Mac Mini (2010 and later), Mac Pro (2010 and later), MacBook (Late 2009 and later), and finally iMac (Late 2009 and later).

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