Gear4 D3O Jumpsuit Case : Full Review
Ease of use100%
  • Fully wraps around device
  • Nice colour scheme
  • Not sticky and slides into pocket easily
  • Doesn't allow use of third-party headphones
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D3O’s unique patented technology has been used to make soft, flexible materials with high shock absorbing properties enabling GEAR4 to create slim, stylish, and ultra-protective cases that can easily survive modern life.

The Gear4 D3O case line-up is something that we’ve seen in the past, as covered too. However, we here recently got a chance to test out a Gear4 D3O Jumpsuit case and put it to the extremes for weeks on end.


The case is really quite the aesthetically appealing accessory; something you should be a little wary about with other cases is their deceiving looks to protect – however they result in being total fakes and breaking after a day or two. With Gear4 you know what you’re paying for. The extensive research and care in manufacturing these products combined with a low price makes these cases extremely desirable. And they look good too.

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The Jumpsuit for iPhone 6 is orange with black accents. Branding is minimal with just an embossed logo in the back clear plastic and a D3O logo printed on the left-hand side. The case itself adds minimal weight to the phone and so is still nice to hold; adding to its feel, the case is glossy, but not sticky – so it slides in and out of your pockets easily and still feels great.

There’s a small cutout around the camera too which is nice – and this is still protected because the case surrounds the camera like a lip – so in the event of a drop or fall the camera wouldn’t be harmed either.

The case nicely surrounds the screen and provides full coverage protection due to the continuous lip around the screen itself.

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Holes have been cut nicely to keep protection around the speaker, the lightning charger input, headphone port and the mute switch. While extra impressions have been made over the volume rocker and the power button – these are still easy to use and press.

The back of the case is clear and this, to me, is much more appealing than cases that cover up the back of the phone because it adds extra colour and also allows you to see the Apple/iPhone logo on the phone.

My only issue with the design of the case is the fact that it doesn’t allow the user to access the headphone port or the lightning connector with any third-party leads or headphones; forcing you to use Apple official products due to the size of the cut-outs that have been measured to these official cables.

If you’re willing to put that one flaw beside you; this case is perfect and offers complete protection of your iPhone.

D3O Technology

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We have briefly touched on this before on our other article. However, in essence D3O develop groundbreaking impact protection solutions and are a market leader in protective wear and shock absorbing materials. The Group currently supplies leading brands in the footwear, electronics, sport, motorcycle, industrial work wear, law enforcement and military protection markets.

Gear4’s D30 is used to create a strong, yet flexible material that has excellent shock absorbing qualities. In standard conditions the material’s molecules flow freely, allowing it to be soft and flexible, however when it hits the ground the molecules lock together to get rid of the gravitational energy and reduce the amount of impact on the device.


If you’re after a new case, or you need a case because you’re always dropping your phone then this is most definitely the best case money can buy. For under £30 the product offers so much value for what you pay.

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