I set out in 2013; not with a passion, but with a vision. A vision to make a revolutionary technology website. Not that many existed a handful of years ago but the introduction of many more has made digital footprinting quite difficult. But we reckon we’ve got our feet stuck well in.

Over the past three years we’ve made some of the biggest partners, covered and attended some of the biggest events and during that time we have met so many technology enthusiasts.

2015 saw a new high in reading figures for the website. Which is why we took a break. Well, partly – there were other reasons but it fell nicely at a time when operations here just needed to pause for breath.

You see, when you’ve had that many people view your site that you made as a young teenager to where you are now you need to consider what people are actually reading. And whether the content is good enough.

For the past year we’ve been pumping out daily articles and news updates to keep you guys interested. And the work has paid off.

We just needed time to check the consistency of our content; and with an intake of new editors we needed time to train all of our staff to ensure they format their content the same as another editor’s content.

Our GSL16 coverage and content was, in essence, our temporary-farewell from the company and we hope you understand.

We LOVED GSL16. In fact, we love covering all of our events. We’ve got ourselves signed into some big events this year and a handful next year, too.

I look forward to the future of working in this company. It’s gotten so much bigger than I ever imagined; and I am very, very proud of what myself, and my team have produced.

Personally, I’d like to thank my team; that is: Alex, Ryan, Kieran, Callum, Ethan, Dom and Kade for your contributions and efforts during my leave. As well I’d like to express my thanks to public relations networks who have understood this break and have accepted that product reviews may have been delayed. Sorry!

I look forward to the future.

Charlie James Tennant

About The Author


Developer, videographer, photographer and a stickler for English grammar.