£5 to see a film you don’t know until it starts, is it worth it?

Usually on a Monday, apart from the odd switch, Odeon Screen Unseen is an exceptional opportunity to see a “guaranteed future classic” for the price of £5, the only catch is… You don’t know what film you’re going to be watching until the trailers finish and it states on the screen what you’ll be seeing.

Well – that is a lie actually. The Odeon Screen Unseen community will closely follow the Odeon Twitter feed for exclusive hints as to what the film will be. A simple trek through #OdeonScreenUnseen on Twitter will give you a majority verdict on what the film will be judged off these hints, and for the most part, these assumptions are correct.

So you can roughly get an idea for what you’ll be watching later on.

Entrants must be fifteen years of age or older, this is because the film you’ll be spectating will be certified from a U all the way to a 15, I mean I know some of you will say no because they won’t be showing 18 rated films, but judging from the films they’ve played before, you’re making a big mistake.

Oh, did I mention all films that they play won’t have been released at the time?

Whiplash, Inside Out, Black Mass, Room, The Revenant, The Big Short and the most recent being Demolition are all previous screenings before the posting of this article.

As you can see, the films listed above are some of the best films of the past year including one that won Leonardo DiCaprio his first Academy Award.

So for those of you asking, is it really be worth it? In all honesty yes it really is. However, some of the films showing won’t be to your tasting, for example, Midnight Special was a film people to took to Twitter to express their disgust with because they just “didn’t like sci-fi”, so I think unless you want some time out with your friends (I mean, you should just go down to the park or something), you have to be a fond film fanatic and be comfortable with a variety of genres to be in with the chance of enjoying whatever comes up.

All in all, you should definitely most check it out as it is a very enjoyable experience and for the cost of just £5 all round (which needless to say beats most cinema costs these days) is just simply a no-brainer.

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