Two years after the announcement, the ultimate gladiator face off has arrived!

On March 25th 2016 Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice was released in cinemas and director Zack Snyder has delivered an exhilarating cinematic experience.


The beginning of the film takes us back to the fight between General Zod and Superman in the film Man of Steel (2013) but is shown from Bruce Wayne’s perspective. In Man of Steel we saw that Metropolis was completely devastated but one notable destruction was the collapse of the Wayne Enterprises tower, killing many employees. this is presumably how Batman develops a hatred for Superman.

We then jump to present day, where after many years being hidden that Batman returns to Gotham and begins delivering justice once again. This time though he has begun branding them with a bat symbol and he is now shunned and feared by civilians.

Meanwhile in Metropolis Clark Kent continues life at the Daily Planet as Superman faces threat from the government as they decide whether or not they should trust him after the destruction of Metropolis.

[divider]The Plot[/divider]

Unknowingly, both heroes face a threat from rising scientist and philanthropist Lex Luthor, who is aiming to create ways to stop Superman, such ways include the use of kryptonite, Superman’s only weakness. Luthor aims to create an ultimate weapon which was revealed to be Doomsday.

A villain from the comics which brought about the demise of the Man of Steel. Meanwhile Batman aims to do the same by fashioning his own kryptonite arsenal and then luring Superman into a game of cat and mouse in an effort to kill him.

One notable addition to the film universe is the introduction of Diana Prince a.k.a Wonder Woman.

Her reasons for being in Metropolis are unknown but she eventually forms an alliance with Batman and Superman to help stop Doomsday and take down Lex Luthor.

[divider]The Flash[/divider]

This scene in the film generated many questions. Part way through the film after the apocalypse dream sequence we see Bruce Wayne asleep, only to be woken by a man trying to break through a portal, this just happens to be the Flash. His appearance is very brief but it allows us to speculate.

He tells Bruce that he has to find Lois Lane as she is the “key” then he disappears without explaining himself. This is never fully explained but it seems that it might be related to the Justice League or Darkseid. The actor playing the Flash has been revealed to be Ezra Miller. This scene left many confused as to what was happening.

Basically the Flash we saw was a future version of Barry Allen who travelled through time to warn Bruce Wayne. He never specifies his warning but talks about Lois Lane, this message may be a crucial part to help defeat the villain that caused that apocalyptic version of Earth that was seen before, Darkseid. We know this was him due to the large Omega symbol scorched into the ground.

The filming for the Justice League movie is said to begin in April and the preited villain is most likely going to be Darkseid.

[divider]Other Teasers[/divider]

Besides the Flash we had brief cameos for two other Justice league members: Cyborg and Aquaman. They were shown on a classified video from metahuman research along with the Flash. Cyborg was shown to be in the process of being made.

Cyborg is known as Victor Stone yet the video shows his father, Silas Stone trying to rebuild him in what is more than likely Silas’ S.T.A.R. labs. After many attempts of trying to revive his son, it finally works, which is where Silas turns the camera off. Aquaman who is known as Arthur Curry was shown underwater for a brief few seconds and we saw him cause what looked like a sonic boom with his famous trident.

One hero that made no appearance was the Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) who has no confirmed actor but is said to appear in the Justice League.


Overall I was impressed with the storytelling and the action that this film delivered, it was exciting and memorable and definitely a must-see, especially for hardcore DC fans. I thought Ben Affleck did an amazing portrayal of Batman and brought new insight and background for the character and the brief inclusion of Wonder Woman made it that more exciting. Unfortunately I found that the Superman storyline was not as dramatic and as interesting as Batman’s or Wonder Woman’s.

This may be because he had far fewer sub-plots, for example Batman had: the deaths of his parents, the struggle of being the batman, etc. Whereas I find that besides dealing with public opinion, Superman doesn’t have a lot going on for him, but that is just my opinion.

However, it did feel like a slightly pointless movie that was just there to set up the Justice League movie due to the introduction of the brief new characters. Also, many fans were left feeling disappointed due to there being no post credit scene, which comic book movie fans have come to expect with the rise of Marvel’s extremely popular extended universe. Of course there’s not going to be Sam Jackson in an eye patch, but it at least could’ve contained Batman and Wonder Woman approaching a new character or perhaps teasing a future character such as Shazam.

I would give the film an 8.5/10 because of how it delivered an exciting and a dramatic experience and I look forward to seeing any future DC films.

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