XQISIT Bluetooth Speaker : Hands-On Review
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  • Amazing sound quality
  • Easy connection
  • Good battery life
  • Not quite pocket size
  • Old Bluetooth generation
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There’s a plethora of Bluetooth and AirPlay Speakers out there, and a lot of them state they’re next big thing.

However, a small company under the name of ‘XQISIT’ are handling this in a completely different way. Their aim is to make quality products which are more user-orientated, meaning that they’ve made the XQ S20 a sizeable item so it can fit in your bag, or, even in your pocket with a bit of luck.

But the thing is they still make the product to meet the expectations of those users looking at big-brand competitors.

In this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at the XQ S20, and seeing just how useful it really is.


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For a speaker that costs £59.99, you’re getting a pretty amazing package.

The XQ S20 comes in two different colours, gold and silver.

This doesn’t change the grill at all which comes in a sleek black. Instead, it’s only the rim of the speaker which changes colour. The overall design is pretty simple; but it definitely works really well and is a great looking portable speaker.

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The top of the speaker boasts an array of buttons that can be used to tweak volume levels, as well as turn it on or off.

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The right side features a number of ports; firstly allowing you to plug in a 3.5mm audio connection for when you’re not able to wirelessly connect. A micro USB input is also on the right giving you the ability to charge the speaker. But the best part is that the XQ S20 even handles a USB port to charge your phone, or other USB powered device, on the move.

The design is beautiful and sleek, and perfectly compliments anything it rests upon.


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Yeah, ever connected to a Bluetooth earpiece or hands-free system? It’s just as easy as that and takes 2 seconds of your time to get up-and-running listening to your tunes with full quality.

Just like most Bluetooth Speakers nowadays. You turn on, you look for it, you pair, and you’re good to go. From then on, it should connect with your device every time you turn it on providing you keep Bluetooth enabled on your device.

Sound Quality

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First thing I did when this thing arrived was crank it up to maximum volume, and my gosh am I pleased to feed back that this thing performs, and seriously performs. For a fraction of its competitors’s pricing, the XQ S20 is loud, gives of some serious bass and goes right up to the volume you’d ever need; whether you are indoors, in a big room, or outdoors, this speaker has the power to deliver some serious quality.

For the real audiophiles out there we can summarise our verdict with one simple line; sound quality is fantastic, with a reasonably good tonal balance.

Other features

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What makes the XQISIT XQ S20 really stand out to me is its ability to make phone calls without disconnecting your phone. It’s a relatively painless affair – the built-in microphone is reasonable good and picks up sound from quite a distance which means you don’t actually have to get close to the speaker for it to pick up your voice.

From our call tests we found that both receiver and speaker quality was great.

The built-in lithium-ion battery has a claim of lasting up to 20 hours. We managed to get precisely 14 hours worth of use out of the speaker before it died on us.

We were using a Bluetooth connection however. So our bet is that you can probably squeeze out near-enough 20 hours if you were using the 3.5 auxiliary jack to play your music. It charges in around 4 hours, which is good too.

It current sells for £59.99 and can be purchased from Carphone Warehouse.

It is available in black, silver and gold.

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