A mix of pure genius, balance and fine tuned engineering.

They’re everywhere right, a plethora of new balance boards from overseas – yet not all stable and not all quite certified to ride everywhere safely.

Enter the Uniwheel. A blend of extreme plastic, power and just pure human balance.

The Uniwheel takes after its predecessors but with a twist; it’s safe, secure, legal, and what’s more it’s damn fun to ride!

It seems easy enough right? But take one step on and you’ll find it’s all about balance, and looking where you’re actually going instead of looking at the ground.

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I started off by riding a Uniwheel with small wheels under its pedals so that I could find my balance and hop on and off the Uniwheel without much thought going into the pre-ride.

Once both feet are on it was quite nice just cruising around the GSL area they had set up – at this point I still had my hand heavily on the assistant’s shoulder but after about 10 laps I was able to go in a straight line with a bit of power without much assistance.

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Corners and bends/banks were the hardest – the guy at the stand said he was able to feel fully confident on the Uniwheel within a whole weekend. I can imagine this being possible by most people; it just takes time and practice with this sort of thing.

But I did find that after about a ten-minute break (sorting out the camera guys) that I was able to pick up exactly where I’d left off with ease. So I can safely say that the whole Uniwheel experience is just like riding a bike.

I seriously think these things are the future. In a small interview with CEO Steve Milton it was said that there at least 20 Uniwheels being ridden around London at one time – and I can safely say that this number will be increasing.

The product itself starts at a price point of just £990 but with a 10% off discount if you sign up for one at the Gadget Show Live 2016.

Find out more about the Uniwheel here: http://uniwheel.co.uk 

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