We got a chance to speak to tech genius and futurologist; Jason Bradbury about the future of wearables. Here’s what he had to say.

THE FUTURE is a TechFly original series based on interviews and professionals’ opinions on the direction the technology trend is heading in.

So, our first question to The Gadget Show presenter was “Do you think wearable technology such as smart glasses and watches will eventually overrun the need for a smartphone?”

Jason replies; that the future is in the handheld in the wearable. The technology industry moves so quickly that it’s hard to say it won’t progress to a wearable-definitive era.

Our gut instinct, however, tells us that this progression is alien to us as humans and we don’t actually see the progression happening in reality.

However, inevitably it can be concluded that we actually need to move away from the handheld device.

It’s the idea of this ‘post-modern’ reality that is really coming into play now and mobile phones will eventually adapt to the point where you only have it so that its like handlebars on a bike, and the bike is the wearable. So trends show, the wearable will become the norm really, and the handheld will simply be the operator and part of its cycle it needs to function.

“It’s interesting to see really, as a futurologist, I can say that this trend hasn’t really happened before and the smartphone evolving is one of the only growths of its kind in the sense that most things don’t really evolve like this.”

Bradbury made reference to this being like the situation with ‘pillows on your bed’ and he’s extremely right by saying this. The pillows on your bed today are the exact same as they would’ve been decades ago.

His ultimate guess to answer the question was that a smartphone, or handheld device would always need to remain intact in order to locate power, and bandwidth.

In addition, I asked Jason; “how long until we really see the wearable evolution then?”

His response was quite simply that we definitely aren’t close to getting complete transformation within the next five years, and there is just no way of predicting what the next interface will be. And this is the reality of our post-modern society. Although things feel quite alien to us, the truth is that the technology evolution, such as the smartphone, downright outpaces any other type of growth we see today.

That is why we can’t tell what the next norm will be in handheld/wearable devices.

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