AIDS, fireworks in rectums and elephant sex. Is Grimsby one of the most controversial films to be released this year?

Grimsby follows the story of a man named Nobby  who is searching for his brother who was separated from him at a young age.  However, we’re not here to talk about the film itself, we’re here to discuss certain scenes, like a controversial scene involving multiple elephants ramming Nobby in the behind, gigantic fireworks going up his behind, and a kid with AIDS giving his disease to Daniel Radcliffe and Donald Trump.

The Elephant scene

jonathan-ross-grothers-grimsby-sacha-cohenSteven Fry and Romesh Ranganathan reacting to the scene.

The scene begins with Nobby and his brother leaping out of a hotel suite as it is blown up by an assassin, as they run away from the antagonist, they come across a herd of  elephants (this is probably a good time to say that earlier on in the film, we learnt that the elephant vagina can expand to a massive distance), Nobby then suggests that he has an idea.

The camera then cuts to a zoom shot of the antagonists face looking very confused as to where they have gone, he then proceeds to leave as Nobby’s face pops out of the flaps, he says the coast is clear but then sees a horny elephant charging to wards his location as Nobby shouts “Brace yourself!” as the elephants enters. His brother then continuously gets hit in the face with the phallus until it sprays about a litre of ejaculate onto his face.

Nobby then looks out of the elephant again and sees a stampede of elephants charging towards them. He then makes an elephant bukake joke and repeatedly gets hit in his rear by the elephants one by one, and the  rest is history, just be aware, if you want to check the film out, don’t see it with your parents.

It appears that the film has upset some of the locals with the portrayal of their town according to former Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell who said the actor has become “Public enemy number one” also saying “Why doesn’t he get back to Kazakhstan and die?”.


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