Wednesday morning, Google decided to announce the Android N Developer Preview.

Very surprisingly, seen as us at TechFly didn’t think we’d see this for another few weeks, Google decided to release the developer preview programme last Wednesday.

“Can I get Android N?” – yes, you can – providing you own one of the following: –

Yeah, click your device, and it’ll download the preview for that device – thank me later!

I think, to be honest, Google knew that the changes that were to be made in Android N were being leaked, so it was easier to, rather than hide them, they may as well make as many apps compatible as they can sooner.

The changes that are being made include multi-window support, changes to notifications, iOS-like replying, where you are able to see the text that was sent to you, with the ability to reply inside the notification interface, changes to Quick Settings, adaptations to Doze, and many more changes. There are many more changes in Android N, which are viewable by clicking here.

One of the main features that caught my eye, believe it or not, was the adaptations to Doze. For those who do not know what Doze is, Doze is a battery-saving feature introduced in Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and Doze will now be available when you’re on the go, so whether it may be on the train, and the phone is in your pocket, or in your drawer at home, as long as the screen is off for a certain period of time, Doze will kick in.

Have fun with Android N! Just remember, this is a preview, and not the real thing, and especially that this is the first preview,

By downloading the preview in this article, you are agreeing that neither TechFly nor Google take any responsibility to the damage to your device. Please proceed at your own risk.

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