New challenges await in Treyarch’s latest instalment of DLC.

The Awakening DLC has been released with 4 maps and a new zombie experience.



Gauntlet was a confusing map to begin with, it consists of 3 sections which include: a jungle, a section of a city and a snowy section which are all interlinked.

The snow section runs down the centre of the map which is where the majority of the players congregate and is designed for short ranged, fast paced combat.

The city section is designed for long shots and sniper gameplay which makes it challenging to cross as you could be sniped coming round a corner.

Finally the jungle area is a very tightly packed section where you will find yourself being killed by players at close quarters without seeing them.



Splash is new to the Call of Duty universe as it is based in an abandoned water park with slides, swimming pools and plenty of hiding spots to keep players on their toes.

As with other maps it is split into 3 sections. The left section takes you into a food court area which is brilliant for sniping but it is good because it leads to a centre tower with plenty of vantage points.

the map is also packed with short cuts which lead to about 7 vantage points which will help you dominate the map. The right lane takes you into a tightly packed area which will become packed with fast paced sharp-shooting and the occasional sniper showdown.



Rise unfortunately is not the most aesthetically appealing map in the pack. It is based in a construction yard where the majority of the action occurs on the same level. Its redeeming feature though is that there is no shortage of walls and obstacles which can be used for wall running which gives you the opportunity to set up ambushes for your opponents and there is a few long ranges for sniping action.



Skyjacked has had many complaints from fans because it is the same as the map “Hijacked” from Black Ops 2 excpet for the fact that the boat has been changed to an aircraft but for some reason it still looks like a boat, but it is stuck in the air.

Skyjacked’s redeeming feature is the fact that it is so tightly packed, you will be able to find a player at almost every corner and the shoot-outs become very fast paced but due to the size there is little room for sniping.

[divider]Der Eisendrache[/divider]

Call of duty Eisendrache preview_feature

Der Eisendrache meaning “The iron dragon” is the lastest installment in the zombies franchise. It sees the original four characters: Takeo, Dempsey, Nikolai and Ritchofen heading to an abandoned castle in the Alps. The map is visually stunning and has plenty of secrets and challenges. The newest feature to the maps is the “wrath of the ancients” which is the new wunder weapon and it is a bow and arrow which can be used to wreak havoc for the zombies. The wunderfizz machine returns which brought back electric cherries but aside from this there are no new perks unfortunately.

Also included are some new buildables which are the shield with parts scattered around the map and this can be used to repel zombies and send them flying across the map. Also there is the Ragnarok DG-4 which is where Treyarch have brought the gravity spikes from multiplayer to zombies.

The new “Easter Egg” offers players a difficult challenge as is involves upgrading the bow in certain ways and a difficult boss fight at the end. This is difficult as players must have all 4 variations of the bow and arrow and some steps are required to be done in higher rounds.

Overall I would give this pack an 8.5/10. The good features were that the maps were diverse and well designed and some bad features include mainly Skyjacked and Rise being rehashes of previous maps.

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