Apple Inc. released a number of different products last year. But will they keep up-to-date with today’s technology?

The short answer – no.

No company will be able to keep up with today’s technology because it is simply too advanced. But we can talk about what is rumoured to be released by Apple this year, and get a little excited.

A new generation of iPhones

So to start with, let’s talk about the most common – the iPhone.

Yes, there is no doubt – in fact, it is almost certain – that Apple will release two, potentially three new iPhones, if the rumours stack up.

Now, I’ve structured the article like this to show you how the iPhones will be looked at in terms of hierarchy; if you have an iPhone SE, you have the new, yet lower spec iPhone; if you have an iPhone 7, you have the new and decent spec iPhone, and if you have an iPhone Pro, well, you’re “rolling in the dollar” and have the best iPhone on sale.

iPhone SE

Apple are set to move away from the iPhone 5c, and to create nicer looking, younger brother, with better specs.

Will Apple move away from the numerical order of iPhones, and move onto a similar way of naming their smartphones as they name their iPads and Mac computers?

The iPhone SE is set to pack a 4” screen, an A9 processor, 1GB of RAM, and a low-spec battery, all inside an iPhone 6-like shell. It is also set to have Touch ID, but isn’t going to pack 3D Touch. Judging by the render below, the iPhone SE will still have Live Photos, however. The iPhone SE will probably ship with iOS 10 because, although iOS 9.3 is still in beta at the minute, iOS 10 will most likely be ready by September anyway.


iPhone SE render from MacRumours.

iPhone 7

You’re probably reading this subheading, thinking “yes, Kieran, it’s obvious they will release another iPhone.” But will it be that obvious in a few years?

Lots of rumours are circulating that the iPhone 7 could potential decline in sales, which would be the first to happen ever, and would therefore mean that Apple need some way of combatting this. Either by scrapping the iPhone and innovating something completely different, or by building on the iPhone to make it less… iPhone?

Now, the iPhone 7 is rumoured to pack a 4.7” display, with a similar design to the previous generation, but all without and headphone jack. It is rumoured that Apple will scrap the 3.5mm headphone jack, and offer Lightning EarPods, which could cause some annoyance to its users, as you won’t be able to charge your phone and listen to music, unless Apple come up with a solution – wireless charging, maybe? Or even Wireless EarPods instead?

Apple are more than likely going to remove the ‘bump’ on the back of the phone – yes, I’m taking about the camera that sticks out of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus – to give the iPhone more of a smooth feel on the back.


iPhone 7 render from MacRumours.

iPhone Pro

Also known as the Plus of the iPhone, the iPhone 7 Plus will theoretically be changed to the iPhone Pro, seen as it’d be the best out of the three potential iPhones.

The iPhone Pro is supposed to have dual cameras on the back of the device, featuring optical image stabilisation, as well as a remarkable zoom. It is set to be packed with an A10 processor with potentially six cores, 3GB of RAM, and a 5.5” display, with the same resolution as the 6s Plus.

The iPhone Pro will pack the standard in the latest of the iPhones, such as Touch ID, the latest iOS, and 3D Touch.

iOS 10

Rumours are spreading that Apple may focus on new features for their mobile operating system, with features adopted from OS X, such as Dark Mode, which is basically where all of your menus, options, the lot – all turn to black, or dark, so it’s easier to work with at night. Google have also implemented this feature in their developer preview of their latest mobile operating system – Android N.

Many people want to see features like iCloud Voicemail, which allows Siri to try and transcribe the voicemail into text, so users can take a quick glance at it. Other features, such as contact availability and customisability to the Control Centre may also even be included in the release.

Let’s not forget, Apple are continuously working on new features, so there’s no doubt about it that they’ll shock us with an amazing feature that no one thought they’d release yet.

iOS 10 will most likely be announced at the WWDC event in June 2016.

OS X 10.12 “Fuji”

Just like iOS, every year, Apple like to refresh their Mac computers with either performance and bug fixes, or with a different design with new features.

Seen as in 2014, Apple released Yosemite, which consisted of a new, flat design, and in 2015, Apple released El Capitan, which adopted the same design, yet with performance and bug fixes, with a few new features, I think it’s time for Apple to up their game slightly with their computers.


Yes, there are rumours that Siri will come to OS X. I guess this would compete well with Microsoft with Cortana on Windows 10, and coming to Xbox One later this year, but I seriously don’t see the point.

I mean, if you’re on a computer, easily accessible to a keyboard and mouse, why would you need to use Siri? Or any voice assistant in that manner? I just find it very strange, because when I used to have an iPhone, I always used to find Siri rather slow. So whether Siri will, in general, get an update to be faster, is unknown.

However, over the past few years, Siri has been the talk of OS X, but it has always been unknown where they would locate it.

According to a source that is circulating the internet, Siri will be located in the menu-bar of the Mac computer like so:


I’ve always thought if Apple would bring Siri to the Mac, that they would just remove the Spotlight function, and replace the Command + Space shortcut with Siri.

I guess bringing Siri to all of their devices (as it’s already on iOS, Apple TV and Apple Watch) will expand the exclusivity of just having Siri on your iPhone, or iPad.

Integration of other Apple products

Wouldn’t it be cool to see yourself unlocking your MacBook Air with your fingerprint scanner on your iPhone? Or being able to use your Mac, iPhone, iPad or even Apple Watch as a controller for your Apple TV?

Rumours are circulating the internet that this could be Apple’s next move – continuing and expanding their continuity feature.

There’s more?!

Don’t think Apple will just stop there. There’s more than likely going to be new Mac computers to go with OS X 10.12, a new 5k Thunderbolt 3 display, and potentially an iPad Pro 2, with upgraded internals. Apple will most likely even release a new, thinner Apple Watch with a round shape, better battery life, and more of a variety of features and straps, and it will almost certainly be shipped with watchOS 3. Apple will furthermore release tvOS 10 for the latest Apple TV, which could possibly provide Apple TV users a streaming service. Apple may potentially add more features to CarPlay. The well-established firm will also release things we didn’t even expect, just like they do every year.

Apple’s event later this month will feature the latest iPhones and iPads, however, new Macs could be unveiled there too; WWDC 2016, which will probably happen in June 2016, will most likely focus on new software, such as iOS, OS X, tvOS, and watchOS, and Apple’s special event, predicted to happen in September 2016, will more than likely show off other new hardware.

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