“Wear your Sound” is the slogan that Wraps have gone with for their new innovative earphones. These earphones will prevent tangling, misplacing and they will look good too.

You can find Wraps headphones here: http://mywraps.com/

Wraps are a relatively new brand to the earphone market, which may I say is a fairly saturated market, however they have a unique selling point that they feel could be the answer to a lot of the main issues people are have with headphones. What do you do with them when you’re not listening? You could put them in your pocket, but they would get extremely tangled and it will be annoying to untangle them all. Another option is to leave them in a bag or on a desk, however the chances of losing them are very high. I know that I have lost at least £100 worth of earphones by miss placing them.

However, Wraps have an answer; you wear them.


No, not in your ears, but on your wrist, like a very cool little band. This idea works well, as on longer days like when I went to London, I could store them easily on my wrist and get them out when I was on the tube to pass the journey.

Now although the strap did keep the headphones on my wrist all day, it was very difficult to connect it in the first place, especially as I only had one hand free to do it. It works by pulling up the divider that splits the earphones off into two right to the top and the 3.5mm male jack goes into the divider and it secures it. It is very secure and tight, although it may be too tight as it is fairly difficult to get in and out.

When on, it’s very comfortable and you almost forget that you are wearing a pair of headphones on your wrist. Although I must say that the earbuds do look weird on one’s wrist, but not weird enough to draw any unwanted attraction. They have a nice braded texture to them and come in a variety of colours.

Now this is all well and good, but what we really care about with earphones is the sound quality and for these, you have to keep in mind that these are only £20 earphones. The audio quality isn’t the greatest on these headphones. For £20, the 10mm driver delivers an excellent bang-for-your-buck sound, with clear highs and lows that don’t seem to get muffled at higher volumes. However if you’re someone who like a bit of bass in their songs, these headphones probably aren’t for you. Myself and a few others who tested out these earphones all agree that the bass isn’t as good as it could be and they have definitely had better audio experiences from some higher quality and more expensive earphones, for example I use a pair of Sennheiser earphones as my daily drivers and they can’t compare to them, but then again, the Wraps were £80 cheaper. The highs sound good on the Wraps and for £20, one cannot expect much more from a budget pair of earphones.

I also want to say that these earphones can get extremely loud, particularly on Android phones for some reason.

Overall these earphones offer a unique experience and provide a very good, new way to store your headphones with a niche bracelet style strap. They have a high quality finish, with an attractive braded leather strap. The sound quality is high for earphones only worth £20, however don’t expect too much, as for me they definitely fall into the “budget” headphone category.


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