There’s no denying it, tablets are taking over the computer market, but what they still lack is a physical keyboard.

There are many types of tablet computers. Models such as the HP Stream 7 are just the tablet themselves with no keyboard or mouse. Then there are models such as the Asus Transformer book series which are tablets that come with a detachable keyboard and trackpad, also known as 2-in-1s. Finally, there are models such as the iPad that are not produced as a laptop replacement but are still used as one in many cases.

I am using this keyboard with my iPad Mini 1st Generation. I needed a device that was light and portable but good enough to write a Word document or two flawlessly. After a bit of shopping around, the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard became the obvious choice. I removed the Keyboard from the packaging and linking it to my iPad was plain and simple. Turn on the Keyboard, enable its Bluetooth capabilities and connect through the Bluetooth settings on the iPad.

A green light shows that the Ultrathin Keyboard is on but not connected to another device via Bluetooth, flashing blue means that it is searching for devices and steady blue means that it is connected to a device.Clearly the first thing to do was open a Word document and test it out, so that’s what I did.

Logitech Ultrathin iPad Mini Keyboard

Whilst the Keyboard is not full size (for obvious reasons), the typing experience is surprisingly comfortable and accurate. Nearly full size keys mean that it is difficult to miss your chosen key and a row of function keys on the top row are extremely useful.

The back of the keyboard is a cool brushed silver aluminium whilst the top is pure white plastic. Having the white and silver iPad means that this aluminium complements the iPad extremely well and makes the combination look like a brushed aluminium book. On the back of the keyboard is a black Logitech logo and 4 feet to prevent scratches to the iPad or surface that you’re laying it on.

The Keyboard charges via micro-USB and can easily last a full day of use, no matter what the task. The top then features the Keyboard itself and a groove to store your iPad in to give the full laptop experience. A magnetic connector turns the Keyboard into a case for the iPad.

However, the keyboard only covers the screen of the iPad and leaves the back completely unprotected but in my use this was completely fine. The Keyboard also features a sleep-wake function to be used with the iPad when the cover is lifted or laid down which is extremely helpful when needing to unlock the iPad and work instantly or locking the iPad and throwing it in a bag quickly.

Every app that includes typing is compatible with the Ultrathin Keyboard such as Microsoft Office for iPad to Facebook to Messages. Although I have not tried too many apps, the apps that I have tried including the above and more work perfectly with no hiccups whatsoever. In fact using Word for iPad, I have written this entire article from start to finish. Although the full functionality and practicality of a laptop is not there yet, it is not far from it and for many tasks I could see myself picking up this tablet/keyboard combo over my laptop which has a connected, dedicated keyboard.

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