A trip to London, two editors and several cameras. Oh, and a host of fitness trackers.

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In total we tried out three fitness bands, provided by our partners over at iFit and Amazon UK – as well as phones sponsored kindly from Vodafone UK – thank you to them for making this possible.

Sony SmartBand 3


The Sony SmartBand SWR10 is just amazing for its small price point of just £27.90 (Buy Here) – it offers a light, comfortable and waterproof design. Its integrations with the gorgeous Lifelog app are amazing – it can track the time you’ve spent travelling, pictures you’ve taken, music you’ve listened to and a whole host of other data collection features to really review your day in one. Along with its completely blank look, it does feature some handy media controls too.

However, as with all of these bands it does have some cons; the SWR10 can sometimes be a bit touchy with the activity tracking and can throw-up some inaccurate data. Due to its black design (green and blue available) it does attract and collect dust and this can look slightly annoying and disrupts its minimalist design. Another con we did find out is that some of the data is does collect on the Lifelog app isn’t actually that useful for a fitness tracker.

The Sony Lifelog app is available on the Android Play Store for free, and is currently not available to iOS users.

iFit Vue


Besides its £100 price tag, we’re quite thrown aback by the performance of the iFit Vue fitness tracker. Having tested the iFit Active in the past I was quite disappointed by its design and complex app – however, along with the view the company seem to have streamlined and made everything much more user-friendly and I really like the design of the Vue.

Unlike the Sony SmartBand SWR10, the Vue features a touch screen for the user to quickly access data on their wrist such as stats, and messages from the phone. It also does normal activity tracking; collecting data such as steps, distance, calories burnt and unlike many; sleep.

The Vue comes in two different colours, both with two different colour tones. We used the black/blue tone but also available is a sangria/papaya punch which is more aimed at the female users.

The iFit Track app is available for both Android and iOS unlike the SmartBand. The app is quite fascinating compared to its earlier version – it seamlessly syncs data between the app and the band and even if you’re not connected, the band will continue to collect data and will sync at a later time.

You can log nutrition too, enter your meals, snacks and drinks from their included food library or you can even use the built-in barcode scanner.

You can set goals and you’ll be notified when you reach these targets. And finally you can access easy-to-view charts of your daily activity to see what you’ve done the most and when.

Polar Loop 2


Right from the off, it was decided that the Polar Loop 2 was the most beautiful of them all – boasting a gorgeous white rubber design and hints of glossy stainless steel. The buckle also is the most outstanding of them all – not only that, but it’s the fastest to put on, slide it onto your wrist and click the button down.

It’s light and extremely comfortable to wear and the the LED screen features handy activity (and even inactivity) alerts. Setup is definitely simple, with the app supporting both iOS and Android platforms.

However, getting the comfortable fit is quite taxing – you have to actually cut the band to get the right sized fit. It often times has slight issues syncing with the app, in that you have to tap the button and wait for things to clear on screen for it to sync – and overall the app is just very confusing to use.


So what can we draw from this?

Well, if you want the best device for the money, we’d defintely go for the Sony SmartBand SWR10 for under £30.

If you want design and the best functionality, we’d suggest the iFit Vue, with the price tag of £100.

And finally if you want comfort and ease, we’d go for the Polar Loop 2 for £75.

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