Remember the 1v1s on Rust to settle an argument of who was better at the good ol’ quick-scope no-scope.

It’s weird to believe that one of the best Call of Duty’s was 6 years old a couple of days ago.

The good memories of the Intervention, and the SCAR-H may able to be relived with Microsoft’s new major update to the Xbox One, which includes backwards compatibility. It is still unknown as to whether Modern Warfare 2 shall be added to their list of compatible Xbox 360.

For those who don’t know what Modern Warfare 2 is, it is a first-person shooter game, published by Activision on 10 November 2009

Modern Warfare 2 was made for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, and obviously with backwards compatibility, we may even see this classic on the Xbox One.

What’s included with the game is a campaign mode, which includes the famous character ‘Soap’, a multiplayer mode, and ‘Special Ops.’



The campaign is set in 2016, and the missions are split into three separate ‘Acts’. A cheeky spoiler is that at the end, you travel with Captain Price, using a boat, to chase, and then kill Shepherd, who to begin with, is a friendly in the campaign, but then reveals himself as an enemy.

The campaign is split into four different difficulties to suit your preference, and capabilities: Recruit, Regular, Hardened and Veteran.

The campaign is amazing, and a really fun part of the game to play.



The multiplayer mode on Modern Warfare 2 is quite extraordinary. It shares the same famous ranking of levelling up. If you don’t know what the levelling up is like on Call of Duty, it is judged by XP (experience points), and when you reach a certain amount XP.

You, once you reach Level 70, can then prestige, which you then reset to Level 1, but a Prestige Level of one. The process is then repeated until you reach Prestige Level 10, Level 70, which you are then the highest level in the game. Unless you’re a modder, then I guess you can be Prestige Level 11, Level 70.

There are also different challenges with guns, which allow you to unlock different attachments, and camouflages to use in-game, which you can use to show off to your friends.

There are also different game modes, such as Search & Destroy, where you only have one life, with a maximum of 6 players on each team, and your objective is either to just kill everyone on the opposition, or failing that, if you begin to run out of time, if you’re on the attacking team, the bomb-carrier can plant the bomb at Site A, or Site B, which then allows your team to defend that site. It is vital to defend the bomb that you planted, because the opposition can defuse the bomb that you planted. Another game mode is Team Deathmatch, which is quite popular within the Call of Duty franchise. This basically includes two teams fighting until a score limit, or time limit is reached.

Special Ops

Special Ops can either be played in solo mode, or if one of your friends are online, you can play through the missions with them.

Yes, I said it. One of your friends. It isn’t a co-op mode with four players, it is only a two-player co-op mode.

But the missions are quite awesome. There are also several different tiers, named Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, just like the campaign with the Acts, with different types of missions: from training in the famous ‘The Pit’ mission, to protecting your friend overhead in a AC-130 while they move on foot.

You unlock more missions in more tiers as you gain more stars. To unlock a certain mission, you may require a certain amount of stars, which you then may be required to go back to a mission where you received one star, and get them extra two stars.

These stars are given upon how successful within the mission you are, and, well… if you complete it, of course.

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