Remember the old-school Grand Theft Auto Simpson’s clone that supplied you with excitement and enjoyment for hours on end?

The Simpson’s: Hit & Run, developed by Radical Entertainment, was a video game released on September 16, 2003. It was released for PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and PC, and the game shocked, yet amazed many consumers.

Now, Hit and Run truly is a game to think back to and remember the good times that you had. For many, this game, in terms of priority, came before partners, pets – you know what, I think it was prioritised over family too…

For those who are reading this article who are thinking, “What in the world was the obsession of this game?!”, well, you can just leave right now.

I’m joking! Don’t leave! But truly, you need to have a look at what you were doing when this game was released, and you were living under a rock, and didn’t just turn a blind eye to this extravagant game.

Travelling around Springfield, you are able to pick up coins, collector cards, and complete missions, and street races.

If you still have a PS2, the game is on sale for around £33 on Amazon (as of 29/10/15), which is quite steep for a 12-year-old game. If you’re not too bothered about whether it’s new or pre-owned, you can pick one up for £13 from Amazon, too. However, new or pre-owned, this game is a classic, as well as a must-buy.

I remember a lot of the time Simpson’s Hit & Run having time limits on them, which used to frustrate me as a kid, knowing that I might not be able to complete the mission – especially if it’s a hard one, which at 5 years of age when I used to play on my brother’s PlayStation 2 (the fat one – the PlayStation, not my brother…). I took such a liking to this game that I figured, you now what, I want one of these games-thingies myself. So, as children do, I asked my parents for a PlayStation 2, and that Christmas of 2006, I opened up a brand-new silver PlayStation 2 Slim. Want to know what was next to it in a separate present? The Simpson’s: Hit & Run.

I also remember being half-way through a mission on the game, and my brother was tormenting me at the time (walking in the middle of the TV, shouting so I couldn’t hear what I had to do, etc.), and I had had enough. But what I didn’t know was what the little stick at the front was for. So, he thought he’d take his tormenting to the next level – torture. As he ran across the front of the TV, yanked out the 8-megabyte memory stick, and also pulled out the power chord to the PS2.

Yeah, talk about an evil brother…

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