A free app with 10 million downloads on Android alone, how has nobody heard of this app?

A friend recently told me about this app and he informed me that in the app “you talk to chat to people and there are cartoon cats.” Now I imagined a club penguin-esk game where you walk around as a cat sprite and talk to other cats. Alas I was wrong it is not.

However the app is decent in its own right. I still don’t understand why there are cartoon cats on the app, but I guess some of them are cute.

The app is a new way to meet and chat to new people and get into conversations with them and you choose who to talk to based upon their likes and interests.

How does it work?

When you open the app you are greeted with a well thought out screen, with basic fill-out boxes for things like age, name, likes and which gender you are “interested” in (insert wink face). After this is filled out and a photo is uploaded for a profile picture, the user can enter into a random chat in which they are shown the name, picture and the status of another user.

Following this the user is prompted to choose either the “pass” (which if you ask me is a pretty harsh word to use, but I guess the person will never know that you passed them) or to “fave” them, similarly to Instagram’s “heart”, however with people not pictures.

If you opt to “pass”, nothing will happen and you shouldn’t be recommend this person again.

If you opt to “fave” however, then that person will be notified and they too will be given the Pass/Fave option.

If they too choose to fave, then the app will prompt you to chat to each other and will get a conversation stated.

This is a very similar set up to other apps including Tinder and Bumble.

Faves add up and accumulate points on the game, similar to the Snapchat score, as I can’t see any real use for it, but it is a nice thing to have anyway.

It then offers a messenger service similar to the Facebook app with support for pictures, however I personally feel that if you are going to talk to someone for a long period of time you may want to switch over to Skype/Snapchat/Facebook to talk as the messenger provided is not that great.

I also have to give credit to the developers, as due to the artwork, this app is clearly developed for younger people, probably teenagers. However they have added a feature, that to send pictures to each other they have to have sent a minimum amount of messages. I’m not sure on the exact amount, but it is around 20-30 messages. This can stop lots of inappropriate pictures been sent and also stop spamming from fake accounts.


Whilst I’m on the topic, there are a few fake accounts that I have come across in the short amount of time I have spent on this app and I have to say it puts me off a little bit. If the developers can go out of their way to remove theses accounts then that will help the apps case a great deal.

However, it needs to be said that this app creates lots of issues with cyber safety, particularly for younger people. This will soon just become another way for men to talk to, and try to meet up with younger children, as most young people have phones capable of running this software and it can easily be downloaded with a parent knowing. Hopefully the app developers do everything in their power to prevent this.

It is also creating another platform for people to send nudes to one another, something that will come back to seriously hurt them in the future. I’m sure we have all had the talk about the issues with nude photos at school from that awkward teacher, so I’m not going to goo too in depth about the issues.


This app in my opinion has lots of potential if the developers manage it in the right way, it is a great way to meet new people whether you are looking for a relationship that isn’t too serious, or just an online pen friend. It is free on the android and iOS markets.

The first app that I can think to compare it to is Tinder, with the swipe right system. However Tinder may be aimed more at adults looking for relationships, this app is aimed at younger people, probably teenagers who are looking for a relationship or just somebody to chat to.

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