The speed of an object larger the better they will become heavy and takes a lot of energy. That is the obstacle that people can not move faster than the universe.

When genius physicist Albert Einstein relativity published in 1905, it created a revolution in aerospace studies of humans. Einstein proved the speed of light in a vacuum is approximately 300,000 km / s in all inertial reference frames, regardless of the means of communication and the speed of the light source or receiver.

Applying relativity to help people discover many interesting things about the vast universe.

However, 110 years have passed since the date of relativity was born, aerospace technology has achieved remarkable achievements, but the man remains at a standstill in the study of distant regions of the universe office. Mankind discovered new objects in the universe primarily through telescopes outside Earth.

The spacecraft launched to the planets outside the solar system is almost an impossible task. According to the US aerospace (NASA), the fastest spacecraft ever built man is New Horizons. It flew with an average speed of about 14 km / s (50,400 km / h).

At this rate, the New Horizons probe need 10.1 years to fly to the most distant planet of the solar system is Neptune, while light only takes 4.16 hours. Compared to the speed of light and the vastness of the universe, the record of mankind like a pedestrian than jets. Why these new technologies do not help people to move faster in space?

The binding of relativity

When invented relativity, Einstein proved that the speed of light is the limit of the universe and humans can not manufacture a spacecraft could reach the speed of light.

Genius physicist describes that, when the speed of the object as quickly, the volume of it will become larger and consume more energy.

If the object as close to the speed of light, the energy phenomena can not compensate for the increase in volume will occur. Thus, energy is the key to faster in space flight. Currently, people have yet to discover useful energy source for use in space. The solar panels are not strong enough, while fuels for rocket engines is very limited. Another obstacle is the gravity of Earth.

The modern boosters can beat gravity to send spacecraft into space, but the volume of cargo they can carry very limited. With a modest amount of fuel, the spacecraft could hardly fly faster than the current speed. The binding of relativity is the barriers that people can not move faster than the universe. If humans can generate technological breakthroughs, it would only help spacecraft fly several kilometers per second more quickly, but can not reach the speed of light.

Recently, the Kepler telescope has discovered planet Kepler-452b, disasters can have characteristics similar to Earth so far. However, this planet Earth to 1,400 light-years. The fastest spacecraft NASA needs 32 million year to visit it. Speed ​​restrictions on making space exploration efforts by immense human spacecraft hopeless.

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