An 8-core processor, 16GB RAM, and a R9 390…

You may all be thinking, “Oh god, this kid had a Mac…”, and honestly, you couldn’t be more correct.

Yes, I had a 21.5” iMac, which I picked up on December 8, 2012. And yes, I do still remember the date.

It had a quad-core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, a 1TB mechanical hard drive, and a mobile graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M) that had 512 megabytes of GDDR5 VRAM.

I must admit, it served its purpose. At the time, to be honest, I just wanted a Mac. I thought they were cool, and quite slick too. At the time of buying the iMac, I was well into YouTube, and creating content, and I always thought Macs were the way to go for editing.

But after a year of usage, I realised I wanted something better, but I wasn’t prepared to sell the iMac.

It was my pride and joy: my dad helped me pay for it, but I collected a lot of the money for myself – the machine was £1,099. Nevertheless, I wanted something better; something that I wouldn’t have to wait 40 seconds before it had even got to the login screen.

So a year passed by after I had these thoughts – and it’s where we are now.

A few weeks ago, I spoilt myself. Only this time, I funded it by myself.

But I no longer have an iMac. I have switched to PC.

From Amazon, the total came to just under £800, and that’s excluding peripherals which I yet need to buy.

With this order, I received a Corsair SPEC-01 case, a AMD FX-8350, two 8GB RAM sticks, a Gigabyte motherboard, a 120GB SSD, a 2TB hard drive, a Corsair CX600 power supply, a Wi-Fi card, a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, and last, but certainly not least, an AMD R9 390 with 8GB of GDDR5 VRAM.

In the very near future, I am looking into buying the Samsung 23.5” Full HD LED Curved Monitor, along with a set of Logitech speakers with a Bluetooth adapter, a new keyboard and mouse, a new webcam and a new headset for when I’m streaming.

Now, all in all, this build will, in total, approximately have set me back around £1,000 in total.

But I cannot describe how happy I am with the build itself, despite it looking like a shambles at the moment, as the setup isn’t complete.

Running Windows 10, the machine boots super-fast. It is able to run a numerous amount of games on either ‘High’ or ‘Very High’ settings, with a solid frames-per-second rate. With the two drives, I am able to boot the OS off the SSD, and store all my data on to my 2TB hard drive.

I chose not to go for a disk drive for the moment as I want to see how long I can last without one. So far, I have not even thought about a disk drive, due to having all my games on Steam, and I get my films from iTunes from my MacBook.

Still, I am so happy that I took the switch from Mac to PC, and although I have my MacBook Air for writing articles, and just some light browsing – for those who say, “Once you go Mac, you never go back”, you are wrong, and I have proof.

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