Remember the cool sound effect when you got a message, or even a “NUDGE!!!”?

MSN Messenger, and yes, we’re talking about MSN Messenger, not the Windows Live Messenger it was rebranded as, was a world-famous instant messaging client.

No. Before you say, “But Windows Live Messenger, and MSN Messenger were the same thing?!” You could not be more incorrect, and the majority of those who used MSN Messenger, and Windows Live Messenger would back me up on this one.

I’m sure quite a lot of you already know what this client is, but for those of you who don’t, well… where have you been for the past 16 years?


MSN Messenger was deactivated in most of the world in 2013, leaving China online for just over a year before they were made to migrate to Skype.

MSN Messenger, developed by Microsoft, was a free application which, in my opinion, was wrecked after the rebranding of the application.

Remember the video calls, the emoticons, the “NUDGE!!!”s, the SmarterBot buddy you would add if you didn’t have any friends? No? Just me? Well all of these are of the past, and have been for quite a while.nudge-screenshot.0

I can remember speaking to a girl when I was around 9 years old, and no I am not promoting speaking to strangers online, I promise. But I mean, not being big headed or anything, but this girl was crazy for me, and I mean crazy. She would spam me with typing, and “NUDGE!!!”s, everything, which is where I just had to appear offline.

Using MSN Messenger, you were able to play a game with your friend inside the client, which to this day, I believe was so freaking cool.


There were also display pictures, statuses, and display names – a bit like BBM’s app we have today, apart from no one really uses that now either – but on MSN Messenger, your name would consist of all of your best friends, and you’d know you had fell out as you’d remove their name from your name, and they’d remove your name from their name. And your status. Well… that basically consisted of either what you were doing, the music you were listening to at that time, or, if you’re a girl, “BRB Shower xoxoxo <3 <3 <3”.


I think we can all agree that MSN Messenger is something to remember.

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