The American electronic commerce and cloud computing company, Amazon, is taking legal action against over 1,000 ‘fake reviewers.’

Before you purchase something online, you generally look at the reviews previous customers have left to get an indication on whether or not you are making the right choice.

Reviews are incredibly helpful as they can tell you if something is worth getting, watching or eating, or whether you should just keep away; however, some reviews maybe misleading or could be a complete and utter lie.

The lawsuit in which Amazon filed in Seattle, Washington, states that its brand reputation was being tarnished by ‘false, misleading and inauthentic’ reviews.

The company claims that over 1,000 defendants offer a service through a website named ‘’ – an online marketplace that is used by anyone to offer services for as little as $5 (approximately £3.25) per job.

It is believed that the ‘fake reviewers,’ also known as ‘John Does,’ used multiple accounts and IP addresses to stop them from being caught.

In its complaint, Amazon said: ‘while small in number, these reviews can significantly undermine the trust that consumers and the vast majority of sellers and manufacturers place in Amazon, which tarnishes Amazon’s brand.’

The company also said ‘it takes the credibility of its customer reviews very seriously… an unhealthy ecosystem has developed outside of Amazon to supply reviews in exchange for payment.’

One seller stated: ‘I will do, Amazon, Reviews, Amazon, Reviews, for $5,’ while another offered to provide up to nine five-star Amazon reviews for $5 each.

It has been reported that Amazon are not taking legal action to, but they are working together to try and resolve the issue.

This is not the first time Amazon have tried to tackle paid reviews either. In April 2015, the company sued four firms that paid people to review products. One site owner, Mark Collins, defended his ‘Amazon Reviews’ site by stating the site did not provide ‘fake’ reviews, but offered ‘unbiased and honest opinions about products.’

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