There are some major releases making their way into the marketplaces very soon.

Game developers begin work on new games as soon as their previous one is released, so it’s no surprise that blockbuster games are coming out every month. With the likes of new FIFA and Call of Duty on the horizon, let’s have a look at the most exciting upcoming releases.

Forza Motorsport 6 – 18th September (Xbox One Exclusive)

Forza 6 Games

Following the recent success of Forza Motorsport 5 and Forza Horizon 2, it’s no surprise that the new release is causing quite a stir. With the Xbox One’s graphics being pushed to its limits, the game is lining up to be the most graphical yet and with Forza being the go to racing game for Xbox users, Turn 10 must put in a lot of work to not disappoint.

FIFA 16 – 24th September

Fifa 16 Games

The same again. FIFA causes a huge uproar in the gaming community every year. With players looking more realistic and controls feeling much smoother, it’s looking to be one of the best FIFA’s yet. Also, new gameplay features and new game modes, it will be no surprise to see FIFA at number one on the gaming charts as it has been for the past few years.

Assassins Creed: Syndicate – 23rd October

AC:S Games

Assassins Creed has always been one of the top contenders in the Action/Adventure category with sales being great for almost every game produced. With the more advanced graphics of Next-Gen consoles being a big part of games now, the feel of being inside of a historic game is higher than ever. Will Syndicate receive the same greatness that Unity received or will it be a little more disappointing like Black Flag?

Halo 5 – 27th October (Xbox Exclusive)

Halo 6 Games

Being on top since the dawn of modern day consoles must be difficult but Halo has never failed to impress us. Launching on the original Xbox console, Halo still provides great entertainment as one of the best First Person Shooters of all time. Year after year Halo seems to get more and more successful but nobody yet knows how well it is going to go down this year.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – 6th November


Between itself and Halo, these two franchises are the leaders of shooter game on all platforms. The past two additions in the Black Ops series have been highly successful and some of Treyarch’s bestselling games. The unique Zombies feature is what wins a lot of people over deciding between buying it or not but will it still have the same effect?

Fallout 4 – 10th November


Being prioritized as one of the most anticipated games of the year. Countless amounts of people have pre-ordered Fallout 4 after the success of its predecessors. Fallout 3 was hugely successful as was Fallout: New Vegas which brought a whole new set of fans over to the Fallout games and can already not wait for the next release.

Star Wars Battlefront 3 – 19th November


The last game featuring the words ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Battlefront’ in the same game was back in 2005 and was an extremely fun game. It essentially a COD/Halo style game mixed in with Star Wars. It was very successful and sold many copies a multiple platforms. The orders are racking up for the next sequel and it is no surprise that it is in GAME’s Top 5 Pre-Order list.

Just Cause 3 – 1st December


Being one of the biggest open-world game possible to buy, Just Cause 2 was a best-selling game. It provided fun, action and adventure. It is no surprise that Just Cause 3 will feature all of this but better, the improved graphics of Next-Gen and PC also means that the open-world will look a lot better and so will the gameplay.

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