A box filled with items from your favourite television show, game or comic book, who wouldn’t want that?

Subscription boxes are popping up all around the internet, and they are now becoming even more popular then ever before, but are you really getting your money’s worth?

There are hundreds of websites that offer a monthly box full of goodies for a somewhat reasonable price; the most popular ones being Loot Crate and NerdBlock. The idea of the subscription box is for you to give a company a certain amount of money depending on how long you want your subscription to last, and they fill up a box full of things all weird and wonderful. Some of these websites claim that the items contained in the box are worth more than the box itself. Sounds tempting, right?

In addition to this, subscription services such as Loot Crate offer “themed” months to help spice up your surprise when you receive the box; however, you don’t always get what you want, particularly if you don’t like the theme. On the other hand, some websites also give you the chance to select a certain “theme,” which will determine what items you get in the box. For example, if you decide you want a comic book-themed box one month, you should expect to see something comic related arriving at your door.

Pushing away the items you may or may not receive in your box of joy, many subscription services claim to offer “exclusive” items from some well-known companies. Although these items may be exclusive, there is a likely chance they are not worth that much if you were looking to sell them later on, but they’re nice to have, nonetheless.

Depending on what subscription service you go for, you can expect to see a different amount of items in each box, as well as a wide range of items too. Items can vary from action figures, to collectables, to something wearable, to something you can eat, to something you wouldn’t normally go out and buy. It is essentially a Christmas in a box for every month of the year!

Subscription boxes aren’t just filled with toys and games. There’s pretty much a subscription box for everything nowadays, which include:

  •  A box full of books for all ages;
  • A box full of socks – that’s a pretty catchy title!
  • A box full of foods from all around the world;
  • A box of beauty products;
  • A box containing merchandise from your favourite celebrity;
  • A box full of fun gadgets;
  • And many, many more…

The price of one of the boxes can also depend on what company you get one with, the size of the box and the duration of your subscription. Some boxes generally cost around £20 or more, while others can cost somewhere into the hundreds.

Some subscription box companies also offer discounted prices for each box if you decide to stick around with them for longer. It would work out cheaper to get a 3 month subscription, instead of getting a 1 month subscription 3 times, but that all depends on how you feel.

[divider]The Verdict[/divider]

While having a mysterious box be delivered right to your door once every month may sound like a fun and exciting idea, most people will think of this as a waste of money. It completely depends on if you are willing to spend ‘x’ amount of money on a box for 1 month, 3 months or even 12 months.  If you have never purchased a box before, it might be worth looking at some previous boxes and look at their contents. A lot of people on YouTube also unbox these boxes every month, so looking at them may help you to decide, but then again, the choice is yours.

Have you ever purchased a subscription box before? If so, did you like what you got, or did you think you could have spent your money somewhere else? Do you think you’ll purchase another one? Tweet us via @TechFlyOfficial, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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