The name may sound familiar? A company founded in the 50s is adapting to aid the future of the smarthome.

The watering experts since 1959 are set to launch an entire new range of simplistic, yet smart, products to aid the future of the smarthome.

You may have heard of Hozelock or even own some of their own products, famous for their revolutionary garden watering products, but now they’re shaping the future.

The all new range enables people to save time, protect their plants and lower the consumption of water by making it easy to control their watering from anywhere in the world.

For just £114.99 you’ll get yourself a ground-breaking new piece of kit – the Hozelock Cloud Controller – the essential part in any Hozelock smart watering setup.

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This device is incredible easy to setup, power efficient and uses long-range radio to hook up to the net without the need for complex programming.

You can connect to the Hozelock Cloud Controller via your smartphone and control your setup with their incredibly easy-to-use app.

The Cloud Controller will also adapt around the environment by suggesting changes to your watering patterns based on local weather data.

‘In a world where 328 million Apps are downloaded every day and the typical British household already has at least seven connected devices, gardens are finally becoming a natural part of the connected home,’ says Carol Wright, Hozelock’s UK Marketing Manager.

The Hozelock Cloud Controller is best couplled with the Hozelock Sensor Controller range and their Easy Drip watering systems to fully complete and optimise your smart watering setup.

However, that’s not everything Hozelock are bringing out. Enter the new Hozelock Sensor Controller and its big brother; the Hozelock Sensor Controller Plus.

This Sensor range is simply plug and play, it is all setup for the most common duration of 10 minutes of watering – tell it what time of day you want your plants to be watered (dawn and/or dusk).

However, it’s just as easy to change the duration of watering as the product itself is to setup. You can even set an impressive watering time for up to an hour.

For an extra £10 the Hozelock Sensor Controller Plus offers all the features of the Hozelock Sensor Controller and in addition to that it includes additional frequency adjustments – so set your watering schedule from daily, all the way to once a week, clever tech, eh?

Not only that, but the price will shock you too. This impressive bit of kit will set you back just £44.99 for the Hozelock Sensor Controller Plus and just £35.99 for the Sensor Controller.

To compliment the Sensor Controller and the Cloud Controller you could even add a complete Easy Drip kit for just £32.99.

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Adapt your personal space with these kits that expand your smart gardening setup. This new range of drippers are incredible easy and take minutes to setup. You can also take full control over the water flow and where the water is going, giving your plants the exact amount they require.

This new system is easy to adjust to changing needs your needs and safely slots into the hose without breaking it and the flexible pipe enables you to change the location of your drippers.

The Hozelock Easy Drip system will eradicate any fears a gardener may have about the complexity of traditional automatic watering systems.

What makes the Hozelock Easy Drip system so unique and simple is its ability to be compatible with other watering systems enabling you to not only upgrade but ‘smartify’ your current setup.

Hozelock’s Easy Drip range offers beautifully packaged, easy to install kits for all aspects of the garden – from borders to baskets – gardeners can just buy what they want and continue to upgrade as their gardens extend.

These Hozelock products will become available in January 2016.

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