Thousands of Android users have given one star ratings on Apple’s new ‘Move to iOS’ app, but what is it all about?

Apple recently released an app on the Google Play Store named ‘Move to iOS,’ which aims to “easily move all your photos, messages, contacts and more” to your brand new iPhone or iPad device; however, it seems Android users aren’t happy with this, and are leaving one star review ratings on the app.

The app, which is Apple’s first Android release, claims to allow Android users to transfer their existing data to their shiny new Apple device with ease.


On the app’s Google Play Store page, it is currently averaging a 1.7/5 score, with over 23,000 1 star reviews, 229 2 star reviews, 240 3 star reviews, 241 4 star reviews and just over 5,000 5 star reviews.

Despite the negative feedback, it has had an estimated 50,000 – 100,000 installs already, and from those who have given positive feedback, it seems like a pretty nifty piece of software to have, especially if you’ve just purchased one of Apple’s latest devices.

Nevertheless, not all Android fans are giving negative feedback. One user wrote:  “While I love android and have ZERO intentions of migrating to iOS I feel it necessary to leave this review. My hope is to possibly convey that not ALL android users are petty and childish given the rest of us a BAD NAME.”

He followed by: “While I will NEVER be an iOS user I don’t feel it necessary to download this app just to leave a fake review slamming Apple. While my review isn’t any better I’m giving it 5 starts just because everyone else is doing the opposite… I find it disturbing that all the fandroids have this uncontrollable need to trash Apple. To each his own – I say but, I’m truly embarrassed to be a fan of Android.”

On the other hand, one angry Android user said: “Why is there not an option to give -ve stars! They could have at least followed the Android design patterns. I hope this app gets kicked out of the Play Store soon. #HatedIt.”

Is this a cleaver move from Apple to try and deter people away from using their Android devices, or is the company simply looking to help those who want to migrate to something different? It doesn’t look like Apple is moving anywhere any time soon, and Android users may have to get used to the idea of their rival company releasing apps on their Play Store more often. We’ll have to see what happens in the future.

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