One of the best quality notebooks around.

I’m a bit of Filofax fan, I even use to own an original personal organiser wallet. Despite being the most digitally-organised person you could ever hope to come across (I mean, I talk about technology for a living), for me, nothing beats the satisfaction of pulling out my shiny red Filofax and crossing something off my to-do list. Show me an app that feels half as good!

So I was quite happy to see the new range of super-colourful Filofax Notebooks for Spring.

Filofax is a brand that’s been on my radar for a while now, they’re more known among those who are big into planners. However, they’ve come out with a brand-new (non-planner) notebook and it has some features that are really unique, and the colours are enough to really get people excited. The best part is that the pages are movable within the notebook, and replaceable.

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Performance is good.

Not perfect, but good. The paper is more absorbent than my other favourites like Moleskine and Rhodia.

  • Removable pages
  • Dividers
    • Same 4 colors for all sizes
    • Blue divider has pocket
  • Ruler/bookmark that’s movable
  • Elastic strap
    • Black has solid black strap
    • Other colors have matching color with white stripe
  • Wire binding
    • Black has black wires
    • Other colors have white
  • Spare sheets included- 4 each blank, graph, one lined (just to make the packaging not confusing)
[divider]Paper Quality[/divider]

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The paper is good, not great. It’s made to be a more well-rounded paper for pencils, rollerballs, and fountain pens. It’s slightly absorbent so shading is reduced a little and there can be some bleeding and feathering with really wet pen/ink combos, just being completely honest. For me it’s not really an issue, as the 6mm ruling keeps me to wanting smaller nib sizes anyway, which works much better on this paper, though the ghosting would most likely be a deal-breaker for those who write on both sides of the paper. There were no issues with gel pens or pencils, and there was no bleeding through to the next page with any of the pens.

I later tested the paper with a fine nib and while there was still some show through, I think most people could tolerate it. Probably. Maybe. I don’t know.


Part of the appeal of these notebooks is the fact you can relocate the pages, and reload them as you use them. There are spare packs you can buy, in several ruling options:

  • 32 sheet count
  • Same 100g paper
  • Blank/ruled/graph options
  • Graph is 5mm
  • Lined is 6mm

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I’ve been using one of these personally for the last month, and I must say I really like it and I enjoy using it. I am certainly aware of the limitation it’ll put on some of my wetter pen/ink combos and I plan around that. I haven’t found the paper to cramp my lifestyle too much. The slight compromise in the paper is more than made up for with the extreme utility and functionality of the moveable pages and dividers.

I think this notebook is going to be a huge hit with a lot of writing enthusiasts because it’s fairly priced, has exciting colors, and is incredibly functional.

You can pick up the Filofax Notebooks and refills at



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