For the price of just $150,000 in 2016 for 46mph.

It’s been a staple of science-fiction cinema and was used to great effect by James Bond in Thunderball 50 years ago.

Now you will finally be able to buy your own jetpack – provided you have a spare $150,000 (£95,000) lying around.

New Zealand company Martin Jetpack is planning to put the petrol-fuelled aircraft on sale next year, 35 years after it entered development.

The vehicle’s latest prototype, the P12, went on display at the Paris Airshow last week, with commercial production set to begin soon.

The Martin Jetpack uses ducted fans instead of jet propulsion, and comes with a top speed of 46 miles per hour. It can fly for more than half an hour, and at up to 1,000 metres, or 3,300 feet, in the air.

While wannabe Tony Starks may be tempted, Martin Jetpack believes it will be most useful for search and rescue operations. Protective bars around the pilot, and a parachute system, will protect anyone flying it, Martin Jetpack says.

An earlier model, the P11, was shown off in 2011 and developer Glenn Martin hoped to launch it within 18 months, but the company now believes it will go on sale in the second half of 2016. Test flights were originally put on eBay in 2009.

The jetpack was first conceived in 1981, and had a first tethered flight in 1997. A decade later, its first outdoor flight was completed.

The jetpack will ship for emergency services in the second-half of 2016, with a personal version scheduled to be released the following year.


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