Need someone to just hurry up? “HurryApp” will tell them.

“HurryApp” an app designed exclusively for Apple’s iOS by Glenn Brannelly and Ralph Moran boasts one main function; this explains why it’s the most innovative app we’ve ever seen.

The main function of HurryApp is to tell people to hurry up, you have a list of contacts, you select one and send them a pre-defined message.

See that button in the top-right there? You can set your own custom messages to send to your slacking person, simply hit the chosen message and up pops a notification on the recipients phone.

The HurryApp team say an Android version of the app is in the works and it will be released promptly after the iOS release. However, they have no plans of looking at the Windows phone platform for the app.

KeD2O8The innovation of the app comes from efficiency, “HurryApp will change and accelerate the way we operate.” Quick messaging and communication should be as simply as possible, and this is what “HurryApp” accomplishes.


HurryApp has taken every opportunity of making full use of social media advertising and has even took to producing a website to partner its app.

We asked  member of the HurryApp team; Glenn Brannelly what his plans are for the website and whether he’ll link in any functions with the app from the website. No plans however are set in stone for a web version of “HurryApp,” though if they receive sufficient feedback from the app, it is something they are open to integrate.

“In background development of the app, we can see some exciting features that may hit our mobile devices very soon.” However the developer wants the perfect and original app to release first and foremost.

“We feel that it could really take off. It’s such a simple idea but it’s so effective when you actually have the app.” Says Glenn.10944685_901167163261791_1486562473_n-2

With functions very much like Snapchat, HurryApp will continue the simplistic approach to app design. You can customise usernames, mute notifications and delete the people you don’t know or don’t want buzzing you.

Currently, the app only is only available to users of iOS devices, however the app can be found on the Apple App Store for free.

Contact list integration is also intact and will also be able to send a member of your contacts list with a small text hinting them to get HurryApp.

Login via Facebook and Twitter will also be integrated in the future, but those such as Google+ logins are of no interest to this app.

Also incorporated within the app is a location service, enabling you to easily send your location to another person. This can come in very useful when wondering if you’re mate is just around the corner or is stuck in traffic.

The HurryApp Team are extremely passionate about their project and hope to cross issues the may encounter.

With Apple’s Watch release date closing in on us, it also seems the perfect for the developers to release the app on the Watch, enabling an even faster communication method to friends and family with a simple few taps or swipes.

Get in touch with the HurryApp Team, here.

The app also looks stunning and is fully responsive on the new Apple Watch, too.







“We were recently invited to test HurryApp on the Watch”, said Ralph Moran, “and it compliments it seamlessly. HurryApp has a twin iPhone application, but all communication can work directly through the Watch at high speed, so you should never need to take your phone out of your pocket!”

Built in Swift, HurryApp hit the App Store on April 24th, 2015, coinciding with the release of the Apple Watch.

Ralph and Glenn, the creators of HurryApp, are two fifth year technology enthusiasts.

They have both attended the Web Summit as some of Ireland’s top 20 young entrepreneurs, and on the side, they jointly run The Coding Club in Belvedere College where they teach younger students web and software development.

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