Cusby is the building blocks of USB-C for the new MacBook’s deprivation of ports.


So you’ve got your snazzy new 2015 MacBook with this new USB-C. But then you realize how many things you can’t plug into it.

And that is where Cusby steps in.

Try to simultaneously do any of the usual tasks like charge your MacBook, sync your iPhone, connect a display or transfer large media files, what do you get? Dongle and cable hell!

Cusby is a simple practical solution, just plug one Cusby for the specific port you need, connect your device and you’d still have your USB-C port free!

Their solution to the problem is entirely modular, use the right Cusby for whatever port you need.

The Cusby Team refer to them as easy as adding Lego Blocks to your set.

Cusby are a small startup team of professionals from Miami, Florida. What’s more? They’re also passionate about technology.

We suspect it’ll cost a third of the Apple multi-adapter (£65).

There are 3 main Cusbys so far: HDMI, USB and Power for the new MacBook. However there are more in the works, which see the likes of Ethernet, ThunderBolt and DisplayPort.

In the first week of June (2015) the Cusby will hit Indiegogo; with sufficient funding they will be able to mass produce the Cusby.


I can already hear you whispering ‘power?’07-Cusby Power

There is power charge Cusby that will let you charge your MacBook and still have your USB-C port free, the main problem that everybody talks about.

With 3rd party bidirectional chargers you could be potentially exposed to malware since the charger could have malicious code in it, our power charge Cusby will ONLY transfer power, no data, giving you that extra protection.

For every Cusby you connect a new USB-C port is created.

They are currently in the final development stages. Let’s help make Cusby a reality this June.


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