“Anamnesis” is a new sci-fi web series about a group of strangers who realize they are connected by shared, lucid dreams.


Funded two years ago in 2013 by over their $10,000 aim (receiving $15,000 in total) the team decided to take their next venture.

In 2012. the three filmmakers (Alex Calleros, Ryan McDuffie, Michael Tucker) came together to attempt an ambitious project: create one short film for the web, every month, for a year. To make things even more interesting, each film was based on constraints submitted by the public. Check out all 12 films they produced (and the constraints that inspired them) at finite-films.com.

They teamed up with filmskillet.com to create an original web series based on one of their most popular films, “Anamnesis.”

Above is the short film that inspired their new web series. They soon announced that Finite Films was teaming up with a British researcher and lucid dreaming expert Daniel Love, who was acting as a consultant to the show.

With Anamnesis, we want to create a web series that portrays the lucid dream experience in a realistic, accurate way.

Their goal was simple and innovative; to bring you the kind of series they’d want to watch: a show that is smart, fast-paced, with great characters and an engrossing story that only gets better and more complex with each passing episode.

And so they did, creating a 5-part web series, each episode lasting 12+ minutes and gripping you into watching on and on.

The web series picked up right where the short film left off: in the aftermath of Adam’s death and the chain of events that follow. We get to know a character named Hannah, Adam’s fiancee, as she tries to understand the reasons behind his sudden, violent death.

We’re introduced to a new cast of characters, including Sean, a lucid dreamer who begins to prefer his dreams to reality; Vera, a fiercely independent tech wizard who is plagued by night terrors; and Noah, a happily married man who has a sneaking suspicion that there’s something wrong with his reality.

For reaching their funding, Finite Films offered special perks to all who contributed. Ranging from $1 for a digital download background to $1000 for an exclusive dinner in LA with the cast and crew of “Anamnesis.”

You can watch the full web series of Anamnesis below.