Yes, Facebook is trying to kill Youtube.

Who would have thought that the socially awkward teen of the 2006 internet would become the powerhouse it is today. In a massive rebound from 2010-2014 societal outcry about data mining, security, and big business alongside social networking, Facebook is one of the biggest and best known brands in the world, for good reason.

Aside from completely stepping up their security measures and privacy settings, They’ve developed one of the best content delivery systems online right now. Between Facebook for Businesses, Facebook’s already established massive catalog of user profiles with millions of bytes of data for marketing, and it’s widely successful video platform experiments, we’re seeing a shift in the social media world.

Growth of Facebook video was boasted by Facebook to be above 1bn views per day, that’s four times the amount they found last January, of 2014. Users are uploading more and more directly to Facebook. Why?

Perhaps it’s just more convenient. After all, 65% of video views online is being done on Mobile. Or could it be more? Take a look at how Facebook displays a Youtube Link VS a natively uploaded video. A great piece on gives you some insight into the subject. It’s all about maintaining convenience for the home-brewed product vs an outsiders contribution to the dinner table. Your brain naturally is attracted to the cleaner and more direct version.

Who in their right mind would want to click TWO times and load TWO sites? Didn’t we have enough of that in 2009? Content is king, as they say. And if you have slow content, the numbers will show.

[divider]So what does this all mean for businesses?[/divider]

They now spend more money on advertising within Facebook, the algorithm is based around punishing links that lead outside it’s own sphere. It want’s you to stay online. The longer you stay, the better the numbers. They keep you there by offering more and more, slowly but surely. You see it in advertising, the way the systems are set up, but that should have a whole other article to itself.

More advertising with video means more reason for Facebook to enter the marketplace too. With modern Facebook pages, you can place Call-To-Action buttons at the end of your content, as well as create targeted advertising to the most specific of interests to get the most bang for your buck.

All traffic, all conversions, credited to Facebook for delivering your content to their scrolling eyes. Zuckerberg has created an ecosystem in its infancy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook’s journey with Oculus Rift can spawn an entirely new realm of marketing and advertisement. All of this, on top of Facebook Developers actively changing the Search algorithms (you didn’t think they are pushing users to name their videos for no reason, did you?), it’s clear that Facebook is gearing up to compete with YouTube’s massive video database, that’s the last thing that YouTube has over Facebook.

Its ease of use along the interface to access videos from now back to 2005, is the final step that Facebook will need to take to creating it’s nearly perfected video delivery system. All the video content you want to see, ranked on your preferences within online habits, and all in one spot alongside your friends and families content, where you spend most of your day, anyway.

Each week social media grows by miles, unseen by the majority of users. It’s a new horizon for society in general as we shift comfortably to the instantly gratified mindset we’ve become accustomed to.

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