Photos are only “complete” after interaction.

Three German students recently innovated the way in which we share photos on social media.

Featured in 110 countries’ “Best New Apps” category, Paiir hit the markets with some force. The three’s vision is to make photo-sharing more interactive. They see the current networks such as the likes of Instagram very passive. The fact that users can upload, comment and like is seen almost everywhere nowadays and Paiir changes this; making the interaction active.

Users can actively contribute to the creation of the photo. And only once another user has interacted with the photo can it be deemed ‘complete.’

Their aim is to create a social network focused more on creating creative content and connecting with other users other than the current aim of attempting to increase one’s social status.

“What brings people together better than a common goal, or in this case, a common piece of art.” – Moritz.

Chrisopher Obereder, Moritz Kremb and Julian Kremb.

Chrisopher Obereder, Moritz Kremb and Julian Kremb.

Backed by a Swedish Investor, Stefan Bergström the three are sure to go far with their innovative approach to networking.

This is the team’s first app, and have announced that the overall development took around 4 months, with the official launch on the 12th of March this year.

The team are working on an update for the app and hope to improve the network by creating a better photo editor and including a private chat function once a Paiir has been completed.

These are just some of the amazing ideas users have had for Paiirs. Why not try some yourself?

The app is currently free to download on the Apple App Store.

The three innovators.

The three innovators.

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