Nintendo, the company behind Super Mario and Pokemon is set to make games for the smartphone, but is it the right move?

Nintendo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics company headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. Well known for its consoles and game franchises, it is the world’s largest video game company by revenue.

Nintendo recently announced that they were planning to bring the well-loved gaming world to smartphones in an attempt to reach new users. The company said it would partner up with the mobile gaming company ‘DeNA Co.’ to develop “gaming applications” for smartphones and other non-console devices, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. The announcement saw shares trading at a three-and-a-half year high of approximately 17,080 yen, which is the equivalent to around £96, as it went up by 21.3%

It has also been reported that Nintendo plans to buy 10% of DeNA Co. for 22 billion yen, approximately £120 million, as the two set to create games based on the well loved characters Nintendo have made over the years.

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While this announcement might sound good to people who want to see the unmistakable plumber brothers on the small screen, Nintendo seem to be going back on their longstanding policy of only producing games for consoles, which has upset many people.

This just comes after Satoru Iwata, the fourth president and CEO of Nintendo Co., Ltd. told the Wall Street Journal that Nintendo would not make smartphone games, no way, no how, almost 2 years ago.

Despite the urging to go mobile by various financial analytics over the years, Nintendo have always been reluctant which makes the announcement seem a little out of the blue. Nintendo have always done well on their handheld gaming systems, take a look at the DS for example, the company have produced some of the best-selling consoles of all time. Needless to say, Nintendo is falling behind slightly in the gaming industry as more and more people start to play games on their phones and tablets, rather than on consoles. Although they have created some of the most iconic characters in gaming history, the competition between Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox continues to grow.

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According to Nintendo, only new games designed for smart devices will be developed for its new mobile experiment ‘to ensure the quality of game experience that consumers expect’. Unfortunately this means it won’t be very likely that you’ll be shooting down green pipes in an attempt to save the princess anytime soon, but everyone’s got to start somewhere.

It is also believed that the two companies will create an online membership service that will be accessible from smartphones and tablets, along with PCs and Nintendo systems such as the 3DS, and it’s not that far away either. This service is set to launch in Autumn 2015.

Although Nintendo have declined the thought of moving to the mobile platform in the past, Iwata said ‘this will allow us to build a bridge between smart devices and gaming consoles. It doesn’t mean smart devices will eat away at gaming consoles, it will create an entirely new type of demand’.

So now that the company is moving towards a new platform, what will this mean for the much loved classical games? We hope that they will be carried over to new devices so that you will still have the ability to play your favourite tales while on the move, but what are your thoughts on the announcement? Do you think Nintendo should have just stuck with making games for consoles, do you think this will boost Nintendo’s profits even more? Tweet @TechFlyOfficial to let us know what you think, as well as keep up to date on new articles and news that may follow.

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