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Jack Glendinning’s new app is revolutionising the way businesses take feedback. “Word Dance” is a free app available on the Google Play Store and on the App Store. Each company has their own ‘cloud’ in which customers can input a simple word describing the company. The reviews/feedback is short-term, all companies has good days and bad days of business and the idea behind it is when companies receive feedback about their good and bad days they can always improve and adapt upon it.

Upon first install the user is greeted with a flat look, colourful app. Registered users can submit up to 3 words in a cloud per day, and unregistered can submit just 5 words per month. The security system is in place in order to prevent companies from tweaking the system and voting the good things up about their business.

Integration with Facebook is also intact enabling a fast and secure registration.

In a recent interview with Jack Glendinning, he told TechFly that he will be releasing the app to other platforms (such as Windows Phone) once the bugs have been rolled out entirely.

Future plans reveal that Glendinning will be coding a dashboard interface for companies to track and monitor their feedback so they can adapt to it.

wpid-screenshot_2015-02-04-16-12-30.pngThe app is free, but there are plans in the work to sell packages to companies so they can get features such as automatic tweets, email reports and summaries/alerts for what people feel about them.

Also in the works is a continuation on the “Word Dance” website so they can integrate dashboards and the ‘clouds’ online.

Once your feedback has been left it is publicly available for others to see and expand on.

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