Did you know that ready-made pancake mix dates back to the late 1800s? We round up 10 fascinating pancake facts for Shrove Tuesday

Yes, I do realize this is completely out of the subject of Technology, but who doesn’t love pancakes? Maybe you’re using technology to make your pancakes, eh?

Pancakes symbolise the sun
Those pancake-loving pagans created the hot, round pancake in the sun’s image in the hopes it would banish the evil winter gods and invoke springtime and warmer weather. Hell yes.

Pancakes give you power
The Indo-Europeans believed that eating pancakes gave them the power, light and warmth of the sun.

We now know they just give us a warm, fuzzy feeling and a sugar high, which is pretty much the same thing.

Pancakes are quite literally the food of the gods
Pancake Day was originally a pagan festival that sprang from Indo-Europeans’ belief that they had to help the gods of spring and fertility fight against the evil gods of cold and darkness.


If you feel guilty about using ready-made pancake mix, don’t worry – people have been doing it forever. Aunt Jemimas was invented in St Joseph, Missouri in 1889 and is claimed to be the first ever readymade pancake mixture to be sold.

For breakfast

The world’s largest pancake breakfast was held in Springfield, America, in 2012. The breakfast saw 15,000 people get together in Main Street to enjoy a huge number of pancakes and raised $10,000 for a local charity.

Make a wish

In France, it is traditional while flipping a pancake to hold a coin in one hand and to make a wish.


It is estimated that an impressive 52 million eggs are used in Britain each year on pancake day – that’s 22 million more than every other day of the year.

So embracing this simple tradition and sharing it with others can truly impact your happiness and the happiness of others.

And ultimately being happier will make you less stressed, more productive and can lead to better health, fewer colds and 50 percent fewer heart attacks.

So today make a pancake, share a pancake, and change the world, one pancake at a time.

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