If you’re an avid Marvel fan, or keep up-to-date with Netflix’s recent and upcoming releases, you’ll know that pretty soon, April 10th to be exact, all 13 episodes of the brand new and unseen superhero series, ‘Daredevil’ shall be released in UK & Ireland on Netflix. But the question is, from what we already know of the box set, will it be worth watching?

As of yet, we know very little of Daredevil and what it will hold, due to the short but snappy teaser trailers, but what we already know is enough to get us excited! As we’ve seen in many Marvel films and television series, most of the superhero franchise sets itself in big cities, where many people are able to witness those at work, saving the day. However, Daredevil takes a dive into the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, taking a leaf out of DC’s books (or comics). The show has also been promised to be much darker than what we usually see on the big screens, so if you’re looking for a Spiderman-like dreamworld which your children will love, think again.

Matt Murdock (Played by Charlie Cox) is a blind man, who has a daytime job of being a Lawyer. He is a Catholic, which we are told is meant to be a main factor in the series, making him one of the most religious characters in the Marvel Universe. Nicknamed the Man with no fear, Murdock ventures out into the streets at night fighting the ‘bad guys’, despite the fact he can not see.

Check out the trailer below!

So, what do you think so far from the little of what we know? Are you going to be taking a whole day off for a Marathon on April 10th, or do you think you’ll just check out another series? One things for sure, I’ll be watching it!

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