If you own a Netflix account in the UK, you may have heard that some of its shows are going to be dropped, many shows that we all love to watch. These include Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Office and many more. However, even though we are still losing a great chunk of shows from the video streaming website, not all of those programmes you expected to leave the family are actually being removed. In fact, Netflix admit that the earlier reports were errors, and the TV Shows listed below are still safe and will be available to watch after the renewal update happens;

– Doctor Who: Classic Episodes – Doctor Who: Seasons 1-7 – Torchwood: Seasons 1-4 – Luther: Seasons 1-3 – The Office U.K.: Seasons 1-2 – Robin Hood: Seasons 1-3 – House of Cards U.K. – Copper: Seasons 1-2 – Top Gear: Seasons 17-20 – North & South – Wallander: Seasons 1-3 – Keeping Up Appearances: Season 1 – Monarch of the Glen: Seasons 1-6 – The Buccaneers

'Luther', among some of those staying to Netflix

‘Luther’, among some of those staying to Netflix

But, this doesn’t mean that all programmes are safe, popular shows such as Sherlock, Call The Midwife and Happy Valley have not been given the clear, and are still considered to be on their way to being removed, so, it’s time to stay in bed, turn off the lights, close the curtains and watch Back-to-Back Cumberbatch!

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