Great Scott! Is it 2015 already? Where does time go?

If you are a fan of the Back to the Future trilogy, this year comes with a lot of expectations. The second part of Back to the Future is set in 2015; keeping in mind the film was initially released on the 22nd March 1989, some of the predictions made then don’t even come close to what it is really like now. Before you get your Gigawatts in a twist, many different companies have been trying their best to please the hardcore fans, but just don’t expect to be riding a hoverboard around your local town centre, yet.

What should we expect to see later on this year? Well, quite a few cool things, of course!


Hoverboards are probably the most anticipated pieces of technology for this year. If you remember all the way back to March 2014, a company named ‘HUVr’ posted a video on YouTube titled ‘BELIEF’. The video showed working hoverboards being tested by people such as Tony Hawk and Christopher Lloyd. The video, which currently has 15 billion views, was believed by many. It later turned out that the video was a stunt and it was all from wires. For those who did believe the video was real, they were utterly disappointed when they heard the news.

Thankfully, a new company named ‘Hendo’ (The Hendo Hover) have invented a real working hoverboard which has proved to be a success. While the design isn’t like the one from the original film, it does what it says from the tin. It’s a board, and it hovers.

Illustration from

Illustration from

The company has gained a lot of interest through the website ‘KickStarter’. Over 3,160 people have backed the project and $510,590 have been pledged, exceeding the original $250,000 target.

It has been suggested that you will have at least 1 inch of ride height, effortless gliding and full control with the new design.

Unfortunately in order to make the board hover, it needs to be over a non-ferromagnetic surface. The company have said they are using “commonly available materials in simple sheets”, but are working on new compounds and new configurations to maximize their technology and costs.

An initial release date has not been announced yet, but it is expected to make an appearance before October 2015. The price of the board is also unknown, but it’s likely it won’t be cheap.

Self-tying shoes

A popular scene from the film was when Marty McFly put on some self-tying shoes. In 2011, Nike released an early version of the shoe called ‘Nike MAG’. Although it did not have the power laces, 1,500 pairs were put online for auction. All of the proceeds were donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation which raises money for research and development on Parkinson’s Disease. The highest bid on a pair of these limited edition shoes was $37,500 by rapper Tinie Tempah. The charity raised a total of $4.7 million.

Nike Air MAG trainers

Nike Air MAG trainers

The shoe designer, Tinker Hatfield, said they were working on a self-tying shoe, just like in the actual film. The Air MAG has an electroluminescent outsole, space age materials as well as a rechargeable battery that can last for an apparent 3,000 hours.

Sadly an official release date has not yet been announced; however Hatfield said that they still have “11 and two-thirds months left in 2015” to finish the project. Hopefully the shoes will be released before the 30th anniversary of the trilogy.

The shoes themselves have been redesigned slightly, but have the same nostalgic look to them.

The price of the shoes are still yet to be decided, but similar to the Hoverboards, there is a big chance that they are not going to be cheap.

The DeLorean

The DeLorean is probably the most iconic object in the movie. A time-travelling car, who wouldn’t want that? Think of how much time you could save with it. Minus the modified time machine part and the DeLorean actually exists in real life.

DeLorean Motor Company (DMC), is an American based automobile manufacturer formed by John DeLorean in 1975. The company is remembered for one of the models they produced – the iconic stainless steel DeLorean DMC-12 sports car – also known as ‘The DeLorean’. Even though the company did not exist at the time of making the first Back to the Future film, they have made one of the most recognisable cars on the planet.


Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

The first prototype was made in 1976 and production officially began in 1981. It is estimated that around 9,000 DMC-12 DeLoreans’ were made before the production was halted in early 1983.

It is now estimated that 6,500 DeLorean motor cars still exist, so if you are looking to get yourself one, you might need to look a little harder.

Of course, why would you want a car when you could have a blue box that is bigger on the inside?



It looks like we won’t get to see flying cars, giant holographic sharks coming at you or self-drying jackets this time around, but hopefully in the near future.

Was there something we missed, would you consider buying one of the above items? Let us know!

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