Ever experienced the pain of running slow Ethernet cables upstairs to your room where your computer is? With the TP-Link AV500 Passthrough Powerline WiFi Kit you can always eradicate this issue. And you won’t believe just how simple the process is.

[divider]The Complication of the Internet. Simplified.[/divider]

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The vast world of the internet has always been over-complicated, by many enthusiasts. When you’re just looking to get a connection from one place to another, the TP-Link AV500 is the ideal product.

Not only can this product send internet through your in-house power, it can extend your connection to areas within your house with not so decent access, making streaming video in HD more available for many.

TP-LINK have always had a strong point when it comes to internet products.

This is the most innovative device within the consumer level internet market, providing simple access to internet where you’d usually have to run a big Ethernet cable to.

As you may know, running an extensively long Ethernet cable for more than 15M will start to cause troubles at one end of it, most likely it will bottleneck your speeds, setting the idea of streaming to a dull future.

With the addition of an extra outlet included on both of the ‘plugs’ provided, the room to plug it in won’t be an issue at all, simply remove a current plug and plug the Powerline ‘plug’ beneath it.

[divider]So, is it any faster?[/divider]

Coming from a TP-LINK 300Mbps WiFi Dongle, I can already see a massive increase in my speeds and connection. I connect to the TP-LINK WiFi network these ‘plugs’ provide to the user, on my iPad and Mobile Devices, and it’s so much more simplified, I can walk from downstairs on my current Internet Provider’s router connection to upstairs and onto my TP-LINK provided connection with no-loss in between.

[divider]The Setup : 3 Simple Steps[/divider]


This isn’t something that TP-LINK really express to the consumer, where I feel that they should. As it really does only take 3 steps to set these things up.

  1. Plug in both devices into a power outlet.
  2. Connect your ethernet cables at both ends. (Main is Black, Receiver is white.) (Connect main to ISP Router) (Connect receiver to computer)
  3. Pair! Click the button on the Main ‘Plug’ and the button on the receiver within 2 minutes to pair the devices.

And now sit back and enjoy your increased internet speeds thanks to TP-LINK.

[divider]The Price of the Internet : Decreased[/divider]

To set up a system like this, with the use of just Ethernet cables will come at a price, a price which is not flexible, at all. You can only (really) purchase one type of Ethernet cable and to maintain a decent connection you could be looking at a cost of in the 100s. With a simple TP-LINK system like the one this article shows you: you could be looking at prices in the 10s.

[divider]So What Model Do I Purchase?[/divider]

A Single Pack of these will set you back just £14: Purchase Here

A Starter Kit Twin Pack will set you back just £25: Purchase Here


For more prices and models : Click Here


The model used in this review was specifically : TL-WPA4230P KIT
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