Dockem, a US company well known for their innovation in the smart-device mounting. Recently, we purchased a Dockem Koala to mount some devices, and I can only say.

This is the most revolutionary £10 I’ve ever spent.

I mounted my iPad mini first, for 1 month – followed by my Samsung Galaxy S5, all on the same adhesive strip!dockem_review-2

For £10, yes it may just seem like a cool piece of plastic, but the design and overall looks of the product make it a necessity within the home. Especially for a technology lover.

Optimized for the ultimate usage, the Koala boasts 3 main features…

  • The ability to still plug in headphones vertically aswell as vertical charging.
  • Replaceable pads which last quite literally forever.
  • Small cable hooks at the bottom of each mount.

In order to utilise the Koala, you must first wipe down the two mounts with alcoholic wipes, and then attach the first side of the adhesive strip.

dockem_reviewFrom here you must then measure the width, and attach it to the surface, leaving some time for them to stick before usage.

The included pads are removable, meaning if you’ve positioned it wrongly, or perhaps you’ve purchased a new device; you can quite simply pull the pad ‘tab’ up, and stick it elsewhere.

Why would you buy this item?

The Dockem Koala is essentially aimed at users who wish to use their device as a home-wall screen. But still giving the user the ability to remove the device and continue using their device on the move.

Purchase now! (UK)


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