Purchasing gifts for tech-savvies is always a weakness most people often have, it can certainly be difficult. However, as a Tech-Savvy I’m here to help you out!

Define Tech-Savvy : familiar with modern technology.

1. HyperX FURY 120GB SSD

Hard drives are often a tricky situation, getting the right amount of space, the speed and the difficult decision of whether you can utilise SATA3.

However, currently on sale on Amazon for only £33.99 this SSD is a complete steal! There’s always the increased storage version for £84.11, but you may aswell get 2 120GBs.

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120GB – Purchase Here

240GB – Purchase Here

2. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker

With all these new wearable devices, it’s tricky to track (pardon the pun) which one is good.

However Fitbit are here to help, this is an incredible offer for just £49.99 and includes a variety of great functions.

Including a pedometer, calories monitor, alarm, and is water resistant.

Set your own goals for the new year and sync your stats on the cloud!

The Fitbit Flex comes in 10 different colours, choose yours today!

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Purchase Here

3. Vax Air Pet Upright Vacuum

Got pets? You’ll know it’s always tricky plucking up the hairs from your new fresh carpet, and from your expensive sofa…

Vax are here to help, not only with the product, but with the 82% discount. (RRP: £279.99 // Now: £49.99)

With free delivery you’ll have it not only for just under £50 but you’ll have all your hairs up before your guests come round for Christmas dinner!

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Purchase Here

4. Samsung 27 Inch LED Monitor

Gaming is tricky on a low-res monitor, and especially when you want to make intricate changes to your loadout in COD, you don’t want to mess it up because of a monitor issue,

Samsung are offering a 1080p 27 inch Monitor with VGA and HDMI connectivity, this slim LED design is accompanied with a thin black gloss bezzel.

This PLS Panel also boasts a wide veiwing angle, making it great for gaming with your FOV turned up high.

Check it out, for under £150 it’s definitely worth putting on your Christmas list.

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Purchase Here

5. EasyAcc 10,000mAh Portable Power Bank

Keeping your phone, tablet or phablet charged constantly is always a worry for most of of techies, and especially when we don’t want to take our chargers everywhere.

Luckily, EasyAcc are here to help, with their brilliant ultra slim dual USB power bank.

The power bank boasts dual USB input coupled with 7 colour combinations aswell as a black case (sold separately.)

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Black Case – Purchase Here

10,000mAh – Purchase Here

15,000mAh – Purchase Here

16,000mAh – Purchase Here


(If you’re feeling generous…) 6. GoPro HERO

Who doesn’t want the ability to record stunning 1080p footage whilst diving into the Pacific, or record their adventures Sky Diving?

GoPro have an affordable solution for us this Christmas.

For an incredible cost of just £94 grab yourself this GoPro to take some gorgeous video of those Parachute jump tickets you’ve just unwrapped from Santa!

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Purchase Here

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